History of Goalsetter

The demand for the Goalsetter basketball hoop has remained strong. As a result, the company's strong finances and continuous improvement have allowed the company to keep 100% of the manufacturing for Goalsetter hoops inside the United States. The goals are manufactured just feet away from the teams who design the systems. This capability, unique among many brand manufacturers, allows Goalsetter two things:

1) Outstanding quality control. The manufacturing quality standards of Goalsetter are unmatched by any competitor.

2) The quickest response to dealer and customer requests. Goalsetter systems are sold around the world. Yet, they are still made near the original welding shop where the first prototype was built. 

Response to questions is immediate and directly from the source. Goalsetter sets the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured. Ballplayers who are tall or short, young or old, beginner or experienced take advantage of Goalsetter's ability to adjust the rim height to develop and hone their basketball skills. Young ballplayers experience the joy and success of making a basket, while learning the proper way to shoot from the earliest age. Memories are made - and remembered - on a hoop system that performs like those found in high school, college, or the NBA.


Product Manuals:

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