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SNA’s Story of Better Equipment for a Better Game.

Over 30 years ago Jim Peterson founded Schelde North America with a small group of friends, all passionate about providing superior sports equipment for teams at the recreational, collegiate and professional level. With a special emphasis in volleyball and basketball, Schelde entered the market as innovators, creating products that later became industry standards—from the first aluminum volleyball posts to the first shatterproof backboard design in basketball.

By 2000, Schelde had established itself internationally as a top contender for equipment design that elevated athletic performance in both basketball and volleyball. That summer, Schelde provided the basketball goals used for the Olympic games in Sydney.

Today, our innovation and performance as a company continues. We’ve grown to be far more than just Schelde, and in 2016 we recognized that growth by changing our name to SNA Sports. While growth has brought change, the things we value have remained the same. Our team still partners with every client to outfit your athletic department with the products that best suit your needs. And we continue engineering and installing better equipment to bring all kinds of athletes a better game.

That’s who we are, and who we’ll always be.

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"After searching the market we landed on Schelde North America because of the ease of use, durability and expert advice they and their products provide."

President - The American Sports Centers

Architectural Specifications

SNA Sports makes it quick and easy to write architectural specifications for your new athletic equipment. Below is a guide to the architectural specifications for SNA Sports athletic equipment. Just click on the product specifications you require. The specifications will download as PDF files. This format allows for easy printing, portabiility, and copy-paste the specifications you need into your documents.

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