Rolbak - 30' Guard Net

Rolbak - 30' Guard Net

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Rolbak 30 Foot Guard Net Set with Pegs, Ground Anchors, Steel Posts and Carry-All Bag.

To ensure a safe and secure outdoor space especially for the young ones, this Rolbak Guard Net acts as an effective barrier you can easily set up. Measuring 30 feet long and 5 feet tall, it can stop errant sports balls and block paths going into the street or dangerous slopes.

It provides some peace of mind for parents with active little ones while outdoors. This guard net can also be used to protect flower beds or act as a divider for courts and fields. Along with the net are a set of installation guidelines, pegs, ground anchors and steel posts so your outdoor net can be installed within minutes!

Also included in the package is a Rolbak Carry-All Bag so you can move your set-up from one location to another. Buy from Basketball Hoops Online and get FREE SHIPPING on your purchase.

  • EFFECTIVE BARRIER - This guard net can stop errant sports balls, block paths going into the street or dangerous slopes, protect flowerbeds or act as a divider for courts and fields. Best safety precaution especially for active little tykes who love to play outdoors. Guard net dimensions: 30 feet long, 5 feet tall.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND TRANSPORT TO ANY LOCATION - Each guard net kit comes with a net, an instruction manual, pegs, ground anchors, steel posts and a Rolbak carry-all bag so you can set-up anywhere, anytime!
  • HIGH-TENSILE, DURABLE NETTING - This net barrier has a tough, polyethylene netting that has a thickness of 2.5 millimeters - capable of withstanding forceful hits and long hours of play.

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by Basketball Hoops Online on 10/29/2018
Welcome to BHO, today we are going to FLIP through the pages of the Rolbak video catalog, and talk about their Recreational Guard Nets...The Rolbak Guard Net comes in 3 different sizes; a 10 foot net, a 20 foot net, and a 30 foot net system...Watch this video, and get some insight on each of these products, so you’ll have the opportunity to compare each size before you make a purchase...Ok, let’s open the catalog and view the Rolbak Guard Net 10...The Rolbak Guard Net 10, measures 10 feet long, and 5 feet tall. This net can be used as an effective barrier for sports balls that get away from the field of play. Also, it can block the pathways leading into busy streets or on dangerous s...
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