Athletic Connection - MSTTSCOR Tabletop Flip Scoreboard

Athletic Connection - MSTTSCOR Tabletop Flip Scoreboard

Brand: Athletic Connection
Product Code: MSTTSCOR
In Stock
Price: $99.99

If you've got a table, you've got a scoreboard. Tabletop Flip Score keeps tabs on the points while its suction cups stick to most any tabletop. Stable flip-over design facilitates double-sided viewing. Includes 5.5" numbers of heavy plastic board; numbers range from 0-99 for each team. 13"H x 18"W; weighs 5 lbs. Set up your go-anywhere scoreboard in a flash with the Tabletop Flip Score.

  • Size: 13" H x 18" W - 5 lbs.
  • 5.5" heavy plastic board numbers
  • Scores from 0-99 for each team
  • Flip over style allows for double sided viewing
  • Suction cups stick to table top for stability
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