Athletic Connection - 1196177 Manual Scoreboard

Athletic Connection - 1196177 Manual Scoreboard

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If there's no electricity where you're playing it's no problem with the Portable Manual Scorekeeper.  It keeps the players and fans updated throughout the game. Eco-friendly, easy-to-use, low tech design measures 11"H x 23"L, requires no assembly, and also lays flat for easy storage! Includes 6" score digits and 2.5" Period/Game digits up to 5. Has the capability to score up to 99 points for each side. No batteries required, so get back to the basics with this dependable Scorekeeper.

  • 6" score digits
  • 2.5" Period/Games digit up to 5
  • Scores game up to 99 for each side
  • No assembly required
  • Lays flat for storage
  • Size: 11"H x 23"L

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