3.5" Round Pole In-Ground Basketball Goal

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  • Lifetime - 1008 Fusion Quick 44
    Have you decided on the ideal location for an in-ground basketball system at your house? This residential basketball system is constructed with break-resistant Makrolon for great rebounding performance, and an easily adjustable backboard height ranging from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This good-looking hoo..
  • Lifetime - 1084 Shatter Proof Fusion 50
    Would you like to invest in year-round fun and exercise right in your own yard? You and your family will enjoy an in-ground hoop from Lifetime. Basketball is fun for all ages. This in-ground hoop comes with a black 50 inch shatter proof backboard with orange Slam-It® rim and Action Grip® height adju..
  • Lifetime - 71281 Shatter Proof 52
    An investment in a Lifetime in-ground basketball system is an investment in a lifetime of physical competition and good times. This Lifetime in-ground basketball system comes with a 52 inch shatter proof backboard of Makrolon® polycarbonate and Slam-It® rim—built to handle those awesome slam dunks! ..
  • Lifetime - 71525 Square Board 54
    In-ground hoops provide superior stability. At Lifetime, we recommend using a ground sleeve with our in-ground hoops. With a ground sleeve, you get the rigidty of in-ground hoops with the option of later removal if necessary. This in-ground system comes with our 54 inch shatter proof backboard of Ma..
  • Lifetime - 71799 Easy Lift Action 50
    At Lifetime, we’ve designed several options for customizing the height of our backboards. This 50 inch shatter proof, easy-to-lift basketball backboard features our Action Grip® counter-balance spring mechanism. Simply squeeze the handle and you can adjust the height of this backboard from 7.5 to 10..
  • Lifetime - 90084 Action Grip 50
    This adjustable height in-ground basketball hoop from Lifetime Products has a 50" x 30" backboard with a clear, professional-looking shatter proof playing surface. SlamIt® rim has double-compression springs for spring-back action . You can easily adjust the height of the backboard from 7.5 - 10 ft u..
  • Lifetime - 90085 Front Adjust 52
    Lifetime’s in-ground system with front adjust comes with a 52 inch clear shatter proof backboard and a Slam-It® rim with double compression springs for spring-back action. The Front Adjust™ backboard adjustment allows you to more easily adjust the height of the backboard from the front of the basket..
  • Spalding - 88307PR Series In-Ground Basketball Goal
    The 88307pr is the new version of the 88307H. This system feature a 52-inch backboard framed in steel. Easily adjust the backboard up and down using Spalding's Pro-Glide height adjuster, which uses a trigger handle that slides up and down to adjust the backboard height.  With a breakaway rim, y..