Spalding - 88724AAP Arena View

Spalding - 88724AAP Arena View

Brand: Spalding Basketball Goals
Product Code: 421-001
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Price: $2,699.00

The arena view line from Spalding culminates in the beefiest, most advanced consumer end basketball system on the market. The 88724AAP basketball hoop features an ultra-sturdy 8x8 inch square post, U-Turn Lift Mechanism, and - an industry first - 180 degree breakway rim. The 180 degree breakaway allows the rim to flex along the 180 degrees of the front side of the backboard. This means that any dunk along on the rim will allow it to flex away from the backboard from any conceivable direction in front of the backboard. The system also comes with a pole pad, gusset pad, and backboard frame pad for added safety.


  •  72" x 42" x 1/2" Acrylic Backboard.
  • 1 1/2" steel framing around the backboard.
  • Integrated 4" x 2" x 72" lower board from reinforcement for improved stability.
  • Competition Style 4" x 5" rim.
  • Basketball Rim flexes 180 degrees, whereas traditional breakaway rims only flex foward.
  • Heavy Duty wrap around support arm with continuous ram.
  • The rim is regulation 4 Foot offset from the pole.
  • U-Turn Pro lift mechanism allows you to turn a crank, which moves the rim from 7 to 10 Feet.
  • Crank Handle can be removed from U-Turn mechanism to prevent tampering.
  • Has 8 x 8 inch one piece square pole providing one of the industry largest, most stable pole sets.
  • Comes with Stadium style pole pad and gusset pad.
  • Powder coated black matte finish to help resist rusting.
  • Hinging base plate enables ground level assembly of backboard and goal.
  • Welded gussets and anchor bolt mounting system.
  • Included Hardware: plastic bushings to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and prevent corrosion.
  • Authentic Arena-View Main Court Backstop Look.
  • 4 corner mounted Z-Arm backboard.
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