Spalding - 401-879 2500 Portable

Spalding - 401-879 2500 Portable

Brand: Spalding Basketball Goals
Product Code: 401-879
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Price: $7,999.00

The Spalding 2500 Portable Basketball Hoop is a versatile portable basketball system that is ideal for use at schools, colleges, and churches. The backboard measures 42" x 72"x 0.5", and is made of high-quality tempered glass for optimal rebounding performance. The 2500 comes with a Slammer Competitor breakaway rim, which meets all NFHS specifications. The system is offset by 5', providing ample room for under-the-basket play.

The rim is easily adjusted from 8' to 10' with no additional tools needed. The backstop contains 1,000 lbs. of ballast, and the system can fit through standard double door ways when the backboard is lowered. When stored, the 2500 measures 115" long x 78" high x 72" wide.


Portable backstop designed with a smaller base to hold a full-size glass backboard for use at colleges, schools and churches

• 72" x 42" high performance, aluminum framed glass backboard (413-012)

• Backboard is made of ½" tempered glass • Slammer Competitor Goal (411-528)

• Extension arm provides 5' of offset at 10' goal height

• Spring assisted one lever height adjustment (no tools needed)

• Goal height is adjustable from 8' to 10'

• White powder coat finish

• Will fit through standard double door with backboard lowered

• Rolls on four - 4" wheels rated for 600 lbs. each

• Multi-piece base padding included (black only)

• Backstop contains 1,000 lbs. of ballast

• Indoor anchor kit included

• Warranty: Backstop frame, 10-year; Telescoping brace, 2-year; Floor pedestals, 2-year; Backboard, twenty year or lifetime on direct mounts; Slammer Competitor Goal, 2-year; Backboard padding, 5-year

• Official Technical Partner to FIBA® 401-879 2500 Portable Backstop

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