Spalding - 68562 - 60

Spalding - 68562 - 60

Brand: Spalding Basketball Goals
Product Code: 421-198
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Price: $799.00

Spalding 68562 portable basketball system features a large 60 inch acrylic backboard. With this system, you get a large goal with many of the bells and whistles of a high end system without a -high-end price. This unit comes with an arena slam breakaway rim with an all-weather net. You also get a large 3.5 inch diameter round pole with this goal system, which is much sturdier than comparable 2.75 inch and 3.0 inch poles.


 60 Inch Acrylic Backboard •60 inch acrylic backboard, just 12" short of regulation size.
• Acrylic material is 3/16 inch thick.
• Arena Slam Breakaway Rim.
• Backboard design provides about 16 inches of clearance between the system and backboard.
• Fade-resistant graphics.
• Backboard framed with a steel support.

Pole and Height Adjustment Mechanism

•3-piece, 3.5-inch round pole.

• Pole angles at 20 degrees from the base.
• 40 gallon portable base capacity can be filled with either water or sand.
• Portable base dimensions: 55 inches L x 33 inches W x 6 inches H.
• Pole made out of steel.
• Screw Jack Lift system allows you to adjust the rim height from 7.5 ft. to 10 ft. with infinite increments inbetween.
• Screw Jack handle is removable.

Other Specs and Features •Steel parts are powder coated to help resist rusting.

• Comes with a factory honored warranty.
• Portable base uses 2 wheels to move the product around.
• Product weight: 141.30 lbs.
• Product Packaging Dimensions: 61.50" x 38.00" x 16.75".

Portable basketball goals can be a head scratcher at times. You want something that is easy to move and transport, as well as a unit that can be folded up when it's not used. On top of all that, and depending on the level of play, you want something stable, durable, and one that won't easily be tip over. You just have to analyze your needs and wants, and be ready to compromise unless you have a lot of money, space, and manpower.

Portable basketball systems can be rated from Youth to Beginners, Residential to Institutional, up to Professional level of play. Whatever your situation may be, you want a system that is easy to set up, safe, and a unit that matches your level of play. Ultimately, two of the most deciding factors are economics and the amount of playing space you have.

Most players either wish they can slam-dunk, or they already can. Slam dunking can be fun, and rewarding, but it also poses a safety issue if you don't have the correct type of system, and the right amount of ballast weight installed in the base of the portable system. Simply spoken, without the correct amount of counterbalance weight, the unit can tip over, and possibly fall on top of a player. Please do not compromise on the cost to make your unit safe for all age groups!

When choosing your portable basketball hoop you need to consider the function and strength. You want something built to high standards that can withstand rough play. You also want something that is not going to be cumbersome to move. You want a portable system that is equipped with a caster wheel system that makes it easy to tote your system from storage to the playing area. Most portable basketball systems can be moved by one or two persons.

Most portable systems are adjustable for two main reasons; one popular reason is for players of all ages, and heights to play with the portable hoop. Another main reason is for storage purposes. With this feature, the system can be folded down, and collapsed into a compact position which is ideal for transporting. Remember, purchase a portable basketball hoops that is durable and one that is safe. There are many to choice from, but that is why we created this website, to help make your buying process a little easier.


Designed for young players and/or any beginner that wants to try their hand in the game of basketball. Most of these portable systems are inexpensive, that way not a lot of money is tied up in a basketball system if they lose interest.


Designed for adults and/or advanced players who need a system to meet and exceed their demands and skill set. This baskeball portable system can be used as a top-quality residential system, or placed in a church or recreational center


Designed for a series level of competition. Must be official and regulation size systems. You can find these types of portable basketball systems in College and NBA arenas.

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