Spalding - The Best 60" Glass

Spalding - The Best 60" Glass

Brand: Spalding Basketball Goals
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While most every other consumer end basketball manufacturer does not produce a portable basketball hoop backboard larger than 54 inches, and certainly not made of glass, the Spalding model 74560 portable basketball system features a 60 inch glass backboard. Glass is a superior product to comparable backboard sizes made in acrylic or polycarbonate because glass provides you a better rebound comparable to what is used in a collegiate or even professional setting.

The 60 inch backboard size gets you as close a regulation sized backboard as you can get in a portable system. The Pro-Image breakaway rim helps stand up to aggressive play. This basketball system is especially popular amongst high school and collegiate basketball players as well as coaches. With the backboard being made of tempered glass this basketball system will play very close to what your high school and rec center boards play.



• Dimensions: 60 inches W
• Backboard Frame:
• Extension Arm Type: (the arms that attach the backboard to the pole) Spalding's Z-arm assembly allows for extreme stability.
• Backboard Material: Tempered Glass (clear see-through)
• Backboard Thickness: 1/4-inch
• UV Backboard Graphics:Yes. Ensures graphics and borders won't fade over time.
• Backboard Frame Pad:No frame pad included on this model as it has a stylish high-end aluminum trim all the way around the border.
• Overhang Distance: 24" from front of pole to back of backboard.

Pro-Image Rim

• Regulation-size rim (18" diameter).
• True breakaway rim mount.
• Dunking: Yes. This rim holds up very well to aggressive play.
• Net included: Yes. Net is a standard 12-loop net.
• Net attachment: Attaches to rim via welded metal hooks like in the NBA. No plastic clips.

Height Adjuster Mechanism

• Height Adjustment Type: Uses the Screw Jack Lift height adjuster by Spalding.
• Adjustment Details: One handed lift system for convenient adjusting. Allows for both children and adults to play.
• Rim Adjustment Heights: 7.5-feet to 10-feet in infinite increments.

Portable Base and Pole Specs:

• Pole Diameter: 2 section, 5-inches square with pole cap to prevent rain in pole.
• Pole Material: Steel with powder-coated finish to prevent rusting.
• Pole Color: Black
• Main Pole Shape: Square with rounded edges.
• Pole Pad: Pole pad not an option on this model.
• Ground Sleeve: Not Applicable
• Anchor Kit: Not Applicable
• Base Material: Expandable plastic. Designed to freeze solid with water in winter. No anti-freeze necessary.
• Portable base size: 55 gallons. Base footprint 37” x 65” It holds 59 gallons total (both bases combined)

• Fill Material: Fill with water or sand. Fill plug on top and drain plug on side of most models for portability. About 50% of water may be drained to easily move around. Replacement caps available through the manufacturer's customer service.
• Wheels: 2 wheels in front and 2 in back. Handle allows for convenient rolling to another location. Replacement bases available through the manufacturer's customer service.

Other Specs and Features

• Portable base can be filled with sand or water.
• Footprint:
• Warranty: 1-year Spalding warranty on Poles, Bases, Rims (and accompanying hardware) and 5-year warranty on portable glass models.
• All metal parts are powder coated to help resist rusting.

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