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What is a Finisher? It is defined as a player that has developed a skill set that is second to none. It’s a player that can take over games, and close it out with a victory! The NBA is comprised of many finishers. Guys like Tony Parker, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Derek Rose are all game finishers that can not only score at the rim but can create open shots for their teammates and single handedly put the entire opposing team in foul trouble.

They are at the top of their game and that is what they do, they takeover defenses and control the game. Crafting your game after one of these stars takes years of practice, and having the right resources to play with. Keep in mind, being a great finisher is not quite as easy as it looks. It takes athleticism, knowing the proper techniques, and lots of purposeful practice. There are also several things you absolutely can't do if you want to be an effective scorer around the basket.

SKLZ - Official Weight Control Training Ball SKLZ - Official Weight Control Training Ball
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SKLZ - Official Weight Control Training Ball

Available in Lightweight, Official Weight, or Heavy Weight. Increase hand speed and awareness while ..


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