Shoot-A-Way - 8000 Shooting Gun w/o Scoreboard

Shoot-A-Way - 8000 Shooting Gun w/o Scoreboard

Brand: Shoot-A-Way
Product Code: 8000
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Price: $6,400.00

The Shoot-A-Way shooting gun is the industry standard for basketball shooting machines. It is used in top college, high school and youth programs, and can also be used in a home basketball court to give your player a leg up on the competition. The Shoot-A-Way 8000 is the state-of-the-art as far as shooting guns go. It can be programmed to automatically return made and missed shots to any spot in the shooting area for another attempt. The quick repetition provided by the Shoot-A-Way improves ball receiving, ball handling, timing as well as shooting.

A remote control comes standard with the Shoot-A-Way 8000 to allow you to run drills from anywhere on the court. You can add a scoreboard that keeps track of total shots, makes and shooting percentage at additional cost. Other options are available as well, including an uploadable shot tracker that allows you to upload your shooting results to a computer of the internet to easily track your progress, and a ticket printer that prints our your stats from each session. A half or full cover for the unit also is available. The Shoot-A-Way 8000 can be set up and taken down in seconds, and has wheels so it can easily be rolled away for storage. It is perfect for both team and individual practice situations. The Shoot-A-Way 6000 shooting gun comes with a 5 year warranty

  • Shoot-A-Way 8000 Shooting Gun
  • Mechanical Ball Return Dramatically Improves Shooting Practice
  • One Piece Construction for Durability
  • Quickly Rebounds Made or Missed Shots and Returns Ball to Shooter
  • Easily Programmed for Return Passes at any Interval and in any Direction and Distance
  • Can Shoot Multiple Shots at each Spot
  • Optional Scoreboard Counts and Displays, Shots, Makes and Shooting Percentage
  • Uploadable Shot Tracker and Shooting Results Ticket Printer also Available
  • Specify Color: Red, Purple, Maroon, Orange, Black, Brown, Vegas Gold, Royal, Navy, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Charcoal Grey


The Gun has been purchased by every NBA team, by about 96% of all D-1 schools (including 67 of the 68 2015 Tourney Teams), and over 60% of all HS in America have a Gun. We have added unique features to the 8000 Series Gun: like the challenge button (requiring makes before it moves), spot to spot programming, the ability to save and easily load your favorite drills, the multi-function remote control (stop/start, manual throw, change time between passes and clear the front scoreboard) and the optional ticket printer. We also have the NEW Shot Tracker system which allows your players to log on to the Gun, and it will track their shooting sessions for in-depth analysis.

Not only can the 6000, 8000 or 10K Series Guns give you up to 1800 shots per hour, they have a clear (not a black) collection net system with the ability to adjust this net system from 11'4" to 13'6" (to require just the right amount of arch depending on the length of shot). They also have the industries only 3-line scoreboard to display makes, total shots & percentage anytime the gun is on. It is one complete unit that can be set away from the basket to make entry passes to the post if needed. The Gun can be set up in 25 seconds and taken down in 15 seconds. It rolls through any standard doorway 6’6” or taller and 28" wide so can be easily stored.

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