Competition Glass

If you plan on having your basketball hoop for many years to come, you may be concerned on how good your basketball goal looks when you have it installed in your driveway. If so, you should be aware that acrylic has a tendency to yellow slightly when it has been left out in the sun. You might not notice it for a few years, but after a while, the normally clear appearance of the backboard can look a little dingy. If you want to avoid that, then a smart move would be to go with the glass backboard. It doesn?t change up.One of the main reasons people refrain from getting a glass backboard is that they are afraid that it will shatter, or that it might be prone to breaking.

But the fact of the matter is that unless you have a three hundred pound NBA center regularly dunking on your backboard, there isn?t much risk of it breaking it.  On the other hand, there is not much, if any at all, advantage in terms of durability in getting an acrylic model. To put any concerns you have about the durability at ease, look at the warranty. Most warranties for glass backboards cover the life of the hoop under normal basketball use. Some cover dunking, and some don?t, so make sure to check the specific conditions of the warranty of the product you are looking to purchase. Competition style backboards are official 42" x 72" size.


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  • Spalding - N413002 Arena Backboard
    Frame is 5/16" 6063T6 aluminum frame pre-drilled for Easy Bolt padding. The NBA backboard Frame is a 1-3/8” x 3" aluminum frame which bolts behind the glass along the bottom of the backboard frame, the sides and top. The tubing is reinforced with a channel at the rim mounting area for additional str..