First Team - FT270 Aluminum Backboard

First Team - FT270 Aluminum Backboard

  • $499.00

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First Team - Fanshape Aluminum Backboard


  • 36" x 54" Fan-shaped aluminum basketball backboard
  • Cast aluminum design
  • White weather resistant powdercoat
  • Official orange shooters square
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 52 lbs

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Product Specifications

First Team - FT270 Aluminum Basketball Backboard

by Basketball Hoops Online on 09/27/2018
FT270 Aluminum Basketball BackboardFeatures:36" x 54" Fan-shaped aluminum basketball backboardCast aluminum designWhite weather resistant powdercoatOfficial orange shooters square10-Year Limited WarrantyApprox. Shipping Weight: 52 lbs.BACKBOARD – Backboard shall be constructed of cast aluminum with a 36”x 54” Fanshaped playing surface. All brace mounting holes shall be threaded in place to accept 3/8” attachment bolts. The backboard shall be powder coated white and have an official size orange shooters square. Backboard shall accept rims with a 5”x 5” & 5” x 4” hole pattern and be manufactured in the U.S.A. Approximate shipping weight shall be 36#. Backboard shall carry a 10-Year Limite...
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