First Team - FT232 Standard Glass Backboard

First Team - FT232 Standard Glass Backboard

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First Team - Gymnasium Standard Glass Backboard


  • 42" x 72" Response™ tempered glass basketball backboard
  • All weather 1/2" thick tempered glass
  • Competition grade aluminum framework
  • Provides gymnasium quality ball reaction off board
  • Warranted on First Team systems only
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 170 lbs

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Product Specifications

First Team - FT232 Glass Basketball Backboard

by Basketball Hoops Online on 09/27/2018
FT232 Glass Basketball BackboardFeatures:42" x 72" Response tempered glass basketball backboardAll weather 1/2" thick tempered glassCompetition grade aluminum frameworkProvides gymnasium quality ball reaction off boardWarranted on First Team systems onlyApprox. Shipping Weight: 170 lbs.BACKBOARD - Backboard shall be 42” x 72” rectangular 1/2” thick tempered glass framed in a competition grade anodized aluminum framework. Rim mounting pattern shall be 5” x 5” with aluminum core rim supports. Backboard shall have bright white 2” border and official size shooter’s square permanently fired into glass with ceramic ink. Backboard shall weight approximately 211 lbs. Backboard is warranted when ...
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