First Team - FT230H Standard Glass Backboard

First Team - FT230H Standard Glass Backboard

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First Team - Gymnasium Standard Glass Backboard


  • 36" x 60" Response tempered glass basketball backboard
  • All weather 3 / 8" thick tempered glass
  • Competition grade aluminum framework
  • Provides gymnasium quality ball reaction off backboard
  • FT36HFM H-Frame provides rim support
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Approx. shipping weight: 100 lbs

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Product Specifications

First Team - FT230H Gymnasium Glass Basketball Backboard

by Basketball Hoops Online on 09/27/2018
BACKBOARD - Backboard shall be 36” x 60” rectangular 3/8” thick tempered glass framed in a competition grade anodized aluminum framework. Rim mounting pattern shall be 5” x 5” with aluminum core rim supports. Backboard shall have bright white 2” boarder and official size shooter’s square permanently fired into glass with ceramic ink. FT36-HFM silver mounting structure shall be included. Mounting structure shall provide mounting slots allowing backboard to be mounted to any standard 20” x 35” mounting pattern. Structure shall also provide adequate rim support to guard against backboard breakage when players hang from rim. Backboard shall weight approximately 145 lbs and carry a 10-Year...
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