Spalding - 421-511 Pro ImageT Rim

Spalding - 421-511 Pro ImageT Rim

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Spalding Basketball Pro-Image Red Breakaway Flex Rim


• Spalding NCAA Red Pro Image Flex Basketball Hoop is Great as a Huffy Basketball Replacement Rim.

• 5/8" (1.6cm) Heavy Duty Solid Steel Pro-Image Flex Rim.

 • Spalding Basketball Pro-Image Rim Has Heavy Duty Wrap Around Support

• Model 207 Huffy Basketball Hoop Pro Image Rim has a Totally Enclosed Spring Return Mechanism.

 • Hydra Rib Basketball Model 207 Pro Image Rim has High Gloss Powder Coated Finish.

 • Huffy Basketball Rims Have Multi-Bolt Hole Patterns.

 • Huffy Sport Hoop Replacement Rims include a white all-weather net.

 • All Hardware Enclosed with Pro Image Rims from Huffy Sports / Spalding.

 • 207 Huffy Sport rim serves as replacement Hydra Rib Model 207 Pro Image Rim.

 • Spalding Pro Image 207 Arena Style Basketball Rims look like rims in the NBA.

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