KleinSports - Permanent Basketball Net

KleinSports - Permanent Basketball Net

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Permanet is the most exciting development in basketball nets in many years if not in the history of basketball. If your looking for exceptional value and an incredible lifespan in a basketball net this is the net for you.  You would have to replace a minimum of seven traditional nets to equal the performance of one Permanet. Permanet is made of 2000lb. steel aircraft cable for superior strength, outstanding duarbility and is coated with a tough vinyl jacket to protect hands.

The Permanet basketball net is patented, has a permanent rimlock anti-theft system which never tangles. This unique, one of a kind basketball net can"t shrink, tangle, rot or fray like nylon nets or rust like chain nets eliminating the need to constantly replace or re-attach your net and the ball never sticks.  This patented basketball net is made in America of superior materials and is engineered to last in an outdoor institutional recreational parks setting at least 3 years and in a residential setting for over 5 years.

  • R2000lb. steel aircraft cable
  • Coated with tough vinyl jacket
  • Permanent rimlock anti-theft system
  • Designed for extreme conditions in parks and recreations
  • Basketball never sticks, impervious to tangling, fraying and discoloring
  • Shipping weight 1 lb
  • Two color choices: Traditional white and red, white and blue

Please specifiy you want the Patriot, or Classic net at checkout, and Rim sold separately.

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