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Built to order wall mount structure packages

                                                                                In addition to Bison's in-stock stationary and side fold basketball
                                                                                system packages, Bison now offers Built-to-Order (BTO) structures
                                                                                allowing you to choose the exact extension, backboard and rim
                                                                                model to suit your facility's needs.
                                                                                Bison BTO structures are available in Stationary, Side Fold and Swing Up
                                                                                configurations in extension lengths from 4' to 10' (1' to 10' on Stationary
                                                                                systems). Choose structures for fan backboard mounting or rectangular backboard
                                                                                mounting. BTO structures include powder coated steel structure, 2" x 8" southern
                                                                                yellow pine wall boards, support chains, chain tensioners and all brackets and
                                                                                hardware necessary for installation except the anchors to mount the wall boards
                                                                                to the wall. NOTE: Bison BTO structures are only available when ordered with
                                                                                a Bison backboard and rim. Due to the custom nature of BTO structures,
                                                                                they are not returnable. Prices are quoted based on specified requirements.
                                                                                To order, specify extension (desired exact distance from wall to face of
                                                                                backboard), backboard model numbers and color (black is standard). On Swing Up
                                                                                structures, specify manual or 120 volt electric winch. Backboard padding, height
                                                                                adjusters, portable winch winders and other components are sold separately.

Stationary                              Side Fold                                 Fold Up

Constructed of 1½" schedule 40          Same 1½" schedule 40 structural pipe      Swing up structures have 1½" schedule 40 pipe welded assemblies for
structural pipe (1.9" diameter), units
                                        design but includes pivot brackets and    maximum stability and can be raised toward the ceiling and wall either
are furnished with ¼" x 1¼"                                                       with a manual winch mounted to the wall (BA925) or a 120 volt electric
                                        diagonal lock bar to allow structure to   wind mounted either to the wall or positioned in the ceiling structure
diagonal bracing and heavy welded                                                 (BA975A3). Swing up structures include all cable, cable clamps, pulleys
                                        swing toward the wall either to the left  and brackets necessary to connect the structure to the selected winch.
mounting brackets. Specify                                                        Specify STR12WFUF for fan backboard and STR12WFUR for rectangular
STR10WBF for fan shaped                 or right when not in play. Specify        backboards.
backboards and STR10WBR for             STR15WSFF for fan backboard and
rectangular backboards.                 STR15WSFR for rectangular

                                                                                                   BA925 Manual Crank Winch

                                                                                                              Fully enclosed 1,000 lb. capacity safety worm
                                                                                                              gear winch…Cable drum is grooved for even cable
                                                                                                              wrap • Winch is furnished with crank for manual
                                                                                                              operation and wall mounting board • Comes compete
                                                                                with a vacuum formed cover and Saf-Arm locking device • The Saf-Arm allows
                                                                                the unit to be locked while not in operation and insures it is operated by
                                                                                authorized personnel only • Padlock not included • One-year limited warranty.

                                                                                Approx. shipping weight: 50#, Sm. Pkg.

                                                                                BA975A3 Key Operated
                                                                                ¾ H.P. Power Winch
Don’t let this happen in your gym!
                                                                                Electric hoists come with the gears sealed
                                                                                in a gear housing and operating in grease

                                                                                and features a ¾ H.P. 115V single phase

BA955 Saf-Lok™                                                                  instant reversible motor…Unit can be wall
                                                                                mounted or inverted • Rotary limit switch controls the unit for both the raised and

Structure Catch                                                                 lowered positions • Worm gear winch holds load in any position • Gears are
                                                                                precision machined bronze alloy worm gear, induction hardened and ground steel

Protect your players, fans and equipment…Saf-Lok Structure Catch                worm • Cable drum is grooved for even cable wrap • 115V power source and 3
insures against failure of wall, ceiling mount or batting cage structure        wires to key switch required at hoist • Includes BA975KS key switch and cover
attachment • Helps keep structure from falling to floor or into seating
                                                                                plate • Five-year limited warranty. Approx. shipping weight: 105#, Sm. Pkg.

• Recommended in NCAA Rules Book • Provided with 3½" pipe clamps for              BA930 Portable 110 Volt
easy installation • Works on side fold, swing-up and stationary structures        Hand Winch Driver
including wall mount and ceiling mount • Add confidence to older structures

installed prior to today’s aggressive slam dunk action • Tested to 6000 lb.       Makes raising and lowering manual crank swing
free-fall capacity • High strength 2" wide polyester webbing designed to take     up structures and height adjusters faster and
advantage of both inertial and centrifugal force • 35' effective maximum strap    easier…7 AMP, ½ H.P. high torque winch • Reversible
length • Order optional BA955RP retracting pulley for use on any rear braced
forward fold ceiling mounted backstop • Ten-year limited                          up and down operation • Two-speed motor • Includes
warranty. Approx. shipping weight: 34#; Sm. Pk
                                                                                  locking device to avoid unauthorized use • To use on
                                                                                  BA980 manual height adjusters order BA935 drive

See page 103 to send                                                              shaft separately • To use on manual crank winch
your photo/video to Bison                                                         order BA932 drive shaft • One-year limited warranty.

                                                                                  Approx. shipping weight: 20#; Sm. Pkg.

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