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Goal height adjusters (manual)

Gymnasium 10' to 8' Zip Crank™Goal Height Adjusters

Add a rim height adjustment feature to your indoor goals…These height adjustment systems                           Change your gym
can be added to Bison wall mount packages or purchased separately to retrofit onto nearly any                     from adult to youth
                                                                                                                  league play in less
existing backboard and structure • Installs easily between the backboard and wall or ceiling mount                than two minutes!
structure to move the face of the backboard 4¼" toward the free throw line • If you wish to use on
a ceiling mount center strut structure consult a Bison Product Specialist to insure
compatibility • Easy-to-read height indicator labels • Silver powder coated finish reduces visual
interference • Infinitely variable from 8' to official 10' height • Fits most structures but may require

field drilling of structure or height adjuster in some cases • Choose the size of the gym height

adjuster that is compatible with your facility’s existing structure • Features a 7/8" diameter acme

lead screw with thrust bearing to make raising and lowering with the hand crank easy and quick

• Grease fittings at all joints insure smooth, trouble free operation • Hand crank provided with each

unit • Five-year limited warranty.

See drawings below for mounting dimensions.

Model #  Application                                           Shipping Weight                   Easy-to-Read     BA980RS
BA980F                                                      Approx. weight: 115#; Truck         Height Indicator
         All structure/backboard combinations with approx.
BA980RS  20" x 35" mounting brackets, including fan-shaped  Approx. weight: 175#; Truck
BA980RT  and rectangular conversion backboards              Approx. weight: 175#; Truck

         Short rectangular 42" x 72" backboards with
         36" x 62" mounting brackets

         Tall rectangular 48" x 72" backboards with
         42" x 62" mounting brackets

Height Adjustment System Dimensions                                                                             BA931 Cordless Winch
Model #  Dim A   Dim B  Dim C  Dim D     Dim E              Dim E   Dim F    Dim G
BA980F   2.94"   5.56"  20"    35"       Min                Max     32"      38"                                             This unit can be used to raise or lower
BA980RS  2.94"   4.56"  36"    62"       19.43"             20.56"  59"      65"                                             any model BA980 adjustable backboard
BA980RT  2.94"   4.56"  42"    62"       35.43"             36.56"  59"      65"                                             height attachment…Winder is equipped
                                         41.43"             42.56"                                                           with a 14.4 volt, high torque motor • Unit
                                                                                                                             has a low setting of 0-500 RPM and utilizes
                                                 D                                                                           an adjustable clutch which develops up to
                                                                                         460 in./lbs. of torque • Reversing switch is above the trigger switch and
                           STRUCTURE SIDE                                                includes a "lock" position • Includes BA935 height adjuster extension rod.

                                               7/16" x 15/16" Slot (BA980F)              Approx. shipping weight: 20#; Sm. Pkg.
                                           7/16" x 11/4" Slot (BA980RS/RT)
  C              A Min                                                                                            BA935 Height Adjuster
B Max                                                                                                             Extension Rod

                                                                                         BA935                    Raise or lower goal height adjusters
                                                                                                                  without hand cranking…Use with a BA930
                                                                                                                  or BA931 portable winch (purchased
                                                                                                                  separately) • Only for height adjusters with an

                                                                                                                  eye hook on the bottom of the adjuster screw

                                                                                                                  • Designed to work with ¾" square drive

                                                                                                                  socket. Approx. shipping weight: 10#; Sm. Pkg.

                        BACKBOARD SIDE

E Max
          E Min

                                                                                                                  See page 16 for

                                                                                                                  Center Strut

                                      F                                                                           Backboard and
                                                                                                                  Height Adjuster


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