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                                                                            The Hurricane competition style portable
     • All First Team goals are
      direct mounted to eliminate                                          basketball goal is designed for use in a fieldhouse,
      backboard breakage when                                              gymnasium or anywhere upper end, aggressive
      players hang on the rim                                              basketball is played.
                                                      FullTilt™             The Hurricane's massive extension arm features
                                                    180° Breakaway         an upper and lower boom support.  The extension
     • Bolt-on TuffGuard™                                                  distance from base to backboard is 96" meeting all
      backboard padding
                                                                           NCAA and National High School Federation
                                                                           requirements.  The unit comes equipped with First
     • Boom Pad  Included                                                  Team's top of the line FT235 Unbreakable 42"x72"
                                                                           competition tempered glass basketball backboard,
                                                                           FT196 Full-Tilt 180 degree breakaway basketball
                                                                           goal and FT72C TuffGuard bolt-on backboard
     • Upper and Lower
      boom supports                                                        padding.  These are the same components used in
                                                                           high schools and colleges throughout the country.
                                                                            The Hurricane portable basketball hoop is also
                                                                           height adjustable.  Rim height adjustments from
                               • Base to back-
                               board extension                10' down to 6' are made easily with its low maintenance extension
      FREE!                    distance is 96”                spring design.  To adjust the unit, simply pull the pin located on the
           LTR 86                                             adjustment rod, raise or lower the unit as needed and replace the
                                                              pin.  One person can easily roll the unit into place and set up easily.
          Base Pad               • Rim height                  Heavy foam padding, available in an array of colors, protects
                                  adjusts for
          Lettering               smaller                     players on the front, sides and back of the base unit.  A boom
       Upon Request               players                     extension pad is also included.  The unit is extremely stable as well
                                                              as durable and will not tip over when players hang on the rim.  For
                                                              additional support, rear hold downs are included as required by
                                  • Compact &                 the NCAA and NHSF for competition portable goals.  Choose
     • Safety padding              Easy to roll               the Hurricane Triumph-FL package for installations on floating
      covers front, sides                                     floors or Hurricane Triumph-ST for all other flooring surfaces.
      and back of                                              Floor load on the wheels is:  350 psi.
      base unit                                                All Hurricane portable basketball goals are covered by First Team's
                                                              unmatched Lifetime Superior Warranty!

                                           hurricane PACKAGE OPTIONS

       • Rolls on 8” diameter                                       Order Hurricane                      Order Hurricane
         non-marking wheels                                         Triumph-ST for                        Triumph-FL for
                                                                    standard floor                        floating floor
            • 5” non-marking foot pads                                 anchors                              anchors
             lock unit into position for play

     Failure to install customer supplied ballast according
        to instructions could result in serious injury.  HURRICANE                            HURRICANE
                                                        TRIUMPH-ST                           ___________
                                                      • FT3050 Hurricane Portable Base Unit  • FT3050 Hurricane Portable Base Unit
                                                      • FT86 Hurricane Base Padding (Any Color)  • FT86 Hurricane Base Padding (Any Color)
                                                      • FT235 42”x72” Tempered Glass Backboard  • FT235 42”x72” Tempered Glass Backboard
                                                      • FT196 Full-Tilt Breakaway Goal      • FT196 Full-Tilt Breakaway Goal
                                                      • FT72C Backboard Pad (any color)     • FT72C Backboard Pad (any color)
                                                      • Lifetime Superior Warranty          • Lifetime Superior Warranty
                                                      • Approx. Shipping Weight: 1590 lbs.  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 1590 lbs.
        RY     SC     GL     PR     KG      BK     CB     MR     GR     NY     OR     FG     BR     SO     DG     SB
       Royal  Scarlet  Gold  Purple  Kelly  Black  Columbia Maroon  Grey  Navy  Orange  Forest  Brick  Sienna  Desert  Saddle
        Blue                       Green           Blue                Blue          Green   Red   Orange  Gold  Brown
                          Hurricane base padding is available in these colors.  Shades may vary slightly from color chart.
                          First Team, Inc.   •   Hutchinson, Kansas   •   Toll-Free 1-800-649-3688
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