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     new gared products & services

space jam™ tournament      alphatec™ shot clocks &                4000+ multi-directional
     travelling system     multi-sport scoreboards                     positiVE lock rim
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Go court™ portable                     center drive custom               field force™
 volleyball systems                     gymnasium curtain         multi-sport blocker

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touchline striker™                  spectator series™              playrx™ product guides &
      soccer goal          powdercoat seating option                      inspection servIce
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                                           Pages: 130 - 131

about gared, a gared holdings company

Founded in 1922, Gared® is the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high quality sports equipment. Much has changed in sports over
the years. Games are now faster, more intense, and competitive. As the games have changed, Gared® has met these challenges, by constantly improving the
design, strength and durability of our sports equipment. We continue to build on past expertise while shaping the future of the sports that we serve. Our sports

equipment is found in a variety of venues; in pro-arenas and universities across the world, school yards, parks, high school gymnasiums, both in big cities and small

towns, and in the driveways and home courts of people who recognize the value of reliability and product quality.

Gared® HOLDINGS, LLC is comprised of three industry-leading brands: Gared® , GARED HOOPS™, and PERFORMANCE SPORTS
SYSTEMS®. We service the after-market, retail, and new construction sports markets, and have become the leader in innovative product design, precision
engineering, and premium manufacturing of sports equipment. Our centrally located manufacturing and warehouse facilities, and new state-of-the-art powder

coating operation in Noblesville, Indiana have enabled us to offer our customers shorter lead times and more economical shipping costs. We sell our products

through a trusted network of dealers across the United States and around the world.

Gared® HOLDINGS, LLC is a supporting member of many prominent domestic organizations as well as international governing bodies for sports. In addition,
our products meet the safety guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and we continually strive to lower our carbon footprint through

sustainable design and recycling of raw materials.

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