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The Legendary SAM™

                                               The World’s All-Time, Best-Selling Portable Competition Goal

SAM Engineering                                Assisted Mechanism, Schelde’s               Full-Perimeter   Glass Cutout       Patented “Dunk Proof”
                                               patented Dynamic Sub Frame (DSF)            Aluminum Frame                      Glass Backboard
and Innovation                                 is uniquely designed to simultane-          protects the                        The rim attaches        Lockable
                                               ously transfer weight from the casters      backboard                           to the metal plate      Deadlock Tensioner
SAM derives its name from its Spring           to the subframe using energy from           from stress.                        in the backboard,       Now standard on all SAM goals,
Assisted Mechanism (SAM). A simple,            the springs. The subframe is a steel                                            which is connected      our new Deadlock Tensioner
yet revolutionary idea that harnesses          bar with a resilient urethane pad that                                          to the main beam.       creates a crosslink between the
the natural laws of physics, the Spring        evenly distributes weight along the                                             No bolts pass through   vertical support structures and
Assisted Mechanism was invented                floor. This system automatically                                                the glass – so dunking  helps reduce vibration.
by Schelde to eliminate the problems           stabilizes the unit and places the                                              never places stress
and complexities associated with               rim at precisely 10 feet. The even                                              on the glass.
hydraulic and electro-mechanical               distribution of weight helps protect
lift systems. No hydraulic pumps,              floors, which can be damaged by                              Power Beam
hoses or fluids to service. No motors          conventional pedestal base systems.                          constructed with 6" square,
or gears to grease. Nothing to repair.                                                                      high-tensile-strength steel
Designed to last, well, almost forever.          Easy setup by                                              provides optimum rigidity
In its folded, mobile position, SAM              one person in                                              and strength.
stores energy in its counterbalanced             five seconds
spring mechanism. With just a simple             or less!
push, one person can easily raise the
unit into game position. Folding                                                           Exclusive
the unit is just as simple, assisted                                                       Pro-Action™ 180
by the natural force of gravity.                                                           Adjustable Rim
Working in tandem with the Spring

                                               The Spring Assisted                         Lifetime Maintenance-Free                                   Spring-Activated
                                               Mechanism and                               self-lubricating pivot bearings.                            Positive Locking Pin
                                               Dynamic Sub Frame                                                                                       automatically snaps
                                               simultaneously lift,                                                                                    into place when the
                                               position and balance                                                                                    goal is fully raised.

                                                  the goal at the
                                                     precise playing
                                                     height in one
                                                     easy movement.

                                                                                           Heavy-Duty Vertical Support
                                                                                           structures with streamlined profile provides
                                                                                           fans with a clear view of the action.

                                                                                           Impact Area Padding
                                                                                           A full 6 inches of padding covers the upper
                                                                                           impact area for greater safety. Impact padding
                                                                                           is available in 2 standard styles and 16 standard
                                                                                           colors. Custom colors are also available.

                                                                                           Double Swivel Casters               100% Enclosed Ballast            Forklift
                                                                                           in front and double rigid casters   and integrated counterbalancing  Tubes
                                                                                           in rear enhance mobility and        provides optimum placement
                                                                                           minimize stress on floor surfaces.  of internal weight and a clean,
                                                                                                                               attractive appearance.
   Dynamic Sub Frame in mobile position (up).  Dynamic Sub Frame in game position (down).

1-888-SCHELDE (724-3533)                       www.ScheldeSpor ts .com                                                                        MADE IN AMERICA                           3
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