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Posts and winch carry a limited                                  Collegiate 4000

LIFETIME WARRANTY                                                             Volleyball Net System

Schelde’s International Net with ratchet                                                                           Posts & winch carry a
tensioner and four-point connection                                                                            limited lifetime warranty.
system simplifies net connections.

                                          Guaranteed Net Height

Winch post                                                       Ultra-Light System for Collegiate,                                        End post weighs
weighs only                                                      Club and High School Competition                                          only 22 pounds.
28 pounds.                                                                                                                                 Just two net
Unirail ™ net                                                                                                                              connections
attachment                                                                                                                                 per post assure
assures quick,                                                                                                                             a taut, consis-
easy net                                                                                                                                   tent net.
adjustment.                                                                                                                                Also available
                                                                                                                                           with Kevlar
                                                                                                                                           Competition Net
                                                                                                                                           (see page 12).

Exclusive Schelde                         Our all-time best selling competition net system, you’ll find the     NEW Lady Collegiate 4000 System
winch features tough                      Collegiate 4000 hard at work on collegiate and high school
steel gears and is fully                  courts throughout the planet. Known for its simplicity, durability,    Designed Exclusively for Woman’s Competition
sheathed in aircraft                      elegant engineering and ultra-light weight. Exclusive Unirail ™
aluminum for greater                      design allows you to quickly set a wide range of net heights         • Ultra-light weight! End post weighs only 20 pounds.
safety and durability.                    and net sports with a few simple adjustments. Posts and winch          Winch post weighs only 26 pounds.
New swivel-action                         come fully assembled. Complete Collegiate 4000 system
handle with larger grip                   includes posts, winch, International Competition Net, antennae,      • Net aligns with top of post at women’s competition height.
makes net tensioning                      sideline markers, cable padding, and Post Safety Pads.               • Fully adjustable for junior or youth competition heights.
easier and folds away                     Floor sleeves and cover plates sold separately.                      • Simplified design make setup even faster and easier.
for greater safety.                                                                                            • Complete net system includes all the same components
Lever lock lets you quickly               Model Number: SNAVB4000C4NS
adjust the net height                                                                                            and innovative features as our standard Collegiate
and lock it into place.                                                                                          4000 system.

                                                                                                                 Model Number: SNAVB4000C4LNS

                                  MADE IN THE U.S.A.                                                          3
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