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Vision Pro                                                                                                   Posts and winch carry a limited

                                                    Portable Volleyball Net System                                                                            LIFETIME WARRANTY

     Perfect for tournaments, recreational leagues  Guaranteed Net Height                                          Posts & winch carry a           Footprint of Base is Similar
     or facilities where permanent floor sleeves                                                               limited lifetime warranty.          to that of Post and
     are impractical.                                                                                                                              Referee Stand
     Vinyl-covered safety padding is available               Low profile design
     in 16 school colors and may be customized      provides excellent sight lines                                                                                                                          50"
     with school name, mascot or sponsor.
     Integral ballast and front friction            An innovative concept in portable net system design, the new Schelde Vision Pro allows                                          40"
     bar allow super-tight                          you to use 3", 3.5" or 4" posts to create a net system on virtually any court – without the                       When in use, base units measure
     net tensioning.                                use of floor sleeves. Consult with your Schelde rep for more details. Perfect for tournaments                     40 " wide x 50 " long. When stored,
                                                    or facilities where floor sleeves are impractical, the low profile portable padded bases are                      each base unit requires space
                 Easy to move on nearly             completely freestanding and can be used on most floor surfaces. Complete Vision PRO                               of 40 " wide x 50 " long x 30 " high.
                 any flat surface with              Portable Net System includes pair of padded bases (in your choice of 16 school colors),
                 transport dolly and                Telescopic Pro II or Collegiate 4000 posts, winch, International Competition Net, antennae,        Padded Multi-Court Centerposts
                 six rear non-marking               sideline markers, net storage bag, transport dolly, and Safety Pads.                               are available.
                 wheels.                            Referee stand sold separately.

6                                                   Complete Vision Pro Telescopic Portable Net System         Transport Dolly
                                                    Model Number: SNAVB8500TP4                                 Included

                                                    Complete Vision Pro Collegiate Portable Net System
                                                    Model Number: SNAVB8500C4

                                                    Pair of Padded Vision Pro Bases with Transport Dolly
                                                    Model Number: SNAVB80JR
                                                    (For use with customer-provided posts. Call for details.)

                                                    MADE IN THE U.S.A.     Toll Free: 1- 888 - SCHELDE (724 - 3533)
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