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                                      Easy Glide                           57” co-polymer cable slides
                                      Ram Horn                             through tubes on bottom
                                                                           perimeter of steel ring
                  Net Attachment
                                                                           Coiled steel configuration for
Rims are made                                                              secure and easy attachment
of 5/8” cold
rolled steel                                                                          Mounting Plate for
formed to                                                                             5”x5”, 5”x4”, or
make an 18”                                                                           Universal Rims
inside diameter
ring                                                                            Breakaway or flex mecha-
                                                                                nism - see below illustration
Steel brace over                                                                for rim distinction
50% of the ring                                   Reflex mechanism
circumference                                     available in breakaway or
for maximum                                       flex goals - located under
strength                                          rim or on top plate

             Net is included
             with each goal


POSITIVE LOCK BREAK- FLEX BREAKAWAY                                              F I X E D G O A L S - Fixed goals are

AWAY G O A L S - Positive Lock        G O A L S - Flex breakaway goals are made of a hard-wearing steel that will
goals are spring loaded to withstand spring loaded but do not include the not flex or breakaway, but stay strong
                                                                                 through repetitive use.
a specific amount of force applied    positive lock mechanism, therefore

to the rim before they automatically  there is no force threshold required

release and pivot downward. The       to move the rim. Increasing the force

amount of force required to release   load will cause the rim to travel farther

the goal is adjustable. Once the force away from play position. Once the

is removed, the rim will return to play force is released, the rim will auto-

2 position.                           matically return to play position.
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