In-ground Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Adjustable basketball hoops are a great choice for either recreational or institutional hoops. They bring to the player versatility and the confidence needed to make the shot. Little kids no longer have to stand before a 10 foot hoop throwing the ball with all their might hoping to make the shot. Adjustable hoops give players the opportunity to play at their skill level. As skills increase so can the size of the hoop.

Basketball hoops are measured from ground to rim. NBA and NCAA regulation height is 10 feet from ground to rim. At, you will find many different types of adjustable hoops for recreational, institutional, indoor, or outdoor play. The advanced filter allows you to check off what you are looking for so we can match you with the models that best fit your needs.

Adjustable basketball hoops for recreational home use are perfect for growing families. Most models can be adjusted from 6 feet to 10 feet in ½” increments. This allows everyone in the family to have a chance to play. From the littlest kid to the adults, everyone can play at their level. Some models come with a crank that allows you to adjust while others have a motorized option. Either way, adjusting the system is easy and can be done quickly even between games.

Adjustable basketball hoops are also a good choice for institutional use especially when children will be playing. Playgrounds, school gymnasiums, churches, and school yards are some of the many places adjustable height hoops work well. Being able to adjust the hoop to each player’s level gives parents, teachers, and leaders the chance to help kids practice their skills and learn the game.

You will find adjustable hoops for both indoor and outdoor use at Our outside hoops are durable, strong, and weather resistant. Our indoor hoops have the same durability and strength to withstand regular intense play.

You will also find great prices and easy to understand features. Under each picture you will find a complete product description so you know exactly what you are getting with your adjustable hoop. You will also find shipping information, customer reviews, and more.

When choosing which adjustable hoop is right for you, you can choose from a variety of backboards. Backboard choices include steel, acrylic, tempered glass, fiberglass, and aluminum. All of these choices work for outdoor or indoor hoops. Backboard sizes range from 48 inches to 72 inches. You will find models from First Team, Gared Sports, and GoalSetter. With so many choices, finding the adjustable hoop that is right for your team will be easy.

Whatever your budget is, you will be able to find an adjustable basketball hoop that works for you. Our customers appreciate the great selection, low prices, listed savings, and free shipping on almost all hoops. You don’t have to trade quality for price with From the basic to the state of the art, you will find adjustable hoops to fit any budget.

Play hoops at home with a new basketball system for your driveway. The latest systems are designed for fast-paced play in a variety of settings. In-ground hoop systems are positioned and cemented in the ground during a professional installation process. This type of basketball hoop is permanent but extremely stable. Portable basketball hoops are easily adjustable and can be moved, but lack the stability needed for aggressive play. Combination systems, including a backboard, rim and other parts, can be mounted to your home or garage.

Get the game going in the water with pool basketball hoops, or teach little ones the ropes with mini-basketball hoops. Stock up on replacement rims and coms, pads and sleeves and mounting kits—the accessories you need to make the most of your new basketball system. Explore trusted basketball brands, including Goalsetter®, First Team, Ironclad Sports, Spalding®, Lifetime® and Goalrilla®.