History of Gared Sports

When founding Nonpareil Manufacturing Company in 1922, Alvie Sandeberg could never have envisioned his boxing equipment company would blossom into a world leader in the sporting goods market, offering products for all major sporting activities across the globe. The brand GARED was established in 1958 in honor of the company chairman Edgar Littmann, who launched GARED into the forefront of basketball and volleyball product innovation. Under his direction and leadership vision, GARED developed many of the patents and industry standards that are universally used today.

At the turn of the 21st century, GARED reinvented itself to serve expanding markets including soccer, lacrosse, park site amenities, football and gymnasium structures under the leadership of Dimitrios Koukoulomatis and John Duggins. Today, the GARED vision is limitless as we look to the future to continue to build onto our 90 year legacy in the sports market.

GARED's Tradition of Innovation
  • No Tie Net Hooks
    • Invented by Company Founder Alvie Sandeberg
  • Outer Limit Pro Backboard
    • First 42" Backboard in the Marketplace
    • First 42" Backboard Used in the NCAA Final Four
    • First 42" Backboard Used in the NBA
    • Used exclusively in NBA Arenas for over 20 Years
  • Snap Back Goal
    • Used exclusively in NBA Arenas for over 20 Years
  • Outer Limit Pro Backboard and Snap Back Goal
    • Used by Olympians to Go for the Gold
  • GARED Pro Portable Basketball Backstop
    • First Professional Floor Unit with Completely Unobstructed Backstop
  • GARED Quick Connect Cart
    • First Easy Change Glass Backboard System in the Market
  • GARED Micro-Z
    • First Small Roll Around Portable
  • Scholastic 6600
    • First Rear Mount Breakaway Goal
  • Playground 5500
    • First Double Ring Breakaway Goal
  • Toss Back Skill Development Equipment
    • Exclusive Manufacturer

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Company History

Gared Sports Product Warranties

All GARED® products are warranted against manufacturing defects as delivered. Many products are also covered for various lengths of time with limited or unconditional warranties stated in the description of the product. Limited warranties cover damage or failure from normal and intended use of the product, but do not cover damage or failures caused by abusive activities or deliberate damage.
Normal or intended use shall be described as activity that is necessary for the participation in the sport for which the equipment is designed. Unconditional warranties cover damage or failure from any use of the product or activity.
Deterioration of products due to weather or other causes that do not affect functional use are not covered by warranties. Warranties are valid only when product is used for the intended purpose and installed according to GARED® instructions.
Any alteration or modification of the product by the end-user voids any warranty. GARED® shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages whatsoever. All merchandise is sold under these conditions, which no representative of the company can waive or change.
Products sold for both commercial/institutional and residential use will not be covered by the same warranty. GARED´┐Ż does not warrant any product for use in pay-for play facilities except for those cases where a special warranty is offered in writing by the company prior to the sale.
GARED® will replace defective items upon their authorized return and will ship replacement product by ground freight only. GARED® will not be responsible for labor and or any other cost incurred during removal or installation of the defective product.


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