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Basketball Hoops Online offers an excellent selection of Basketball Goals. We offer recreational to institutional basketball goals. View our top brand names, which include Bison, First Team, Lifetime, Spalding, Gared Sports, and Schelde.

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Bison for Life

Since 1985, athletic directors, coaches, facility administrators, and equipment managers have relied on Bison to provide safe, durable, innovative and on-time products to fit their unique...


Escalade Sports

Escalade Sports offers you some of the finest brands in the marketplace, which includes Goalrilla Portable Basketball systems, Goaliath adjustable goals, and Silverback basketball hoops...


First Team Sports

In 1996 Wayne Unruh and Jeff Roth co-founded First Team Sports, Inc. based in Hutchinson, Kansas. "At that time we were using my garage as warehousing and my basement as our first office"...


Gared Sports

GARED services the after-market, retail, and custom gymnasium structure markets, and have become the leader in innovative product design, and premium manufacturing of sports equipment...


Goalsetter Systems

The demand for the Goalsetter basketball hoop has remained strong. As a result, the company's strong finances and continuous improvement have allowed...


Ironclad Sports

Ironclad Sports is dedicated to bringing you the best value in premium residential basketball goals. Our designers have over 30 years of experience designing manufacturing...



Headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, Lifetime Products, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of residential basketball hoops, backboard combo's and folding tables and chairs...


Schelde North America

From the Olympics to professional, collegiate and high school arenas and wherever great basketball is played. You will find Schelde Portable Basketball Goals setting the world...


Spalding Equipment

A Division of Russell Brands, LLC, Spalding is the largest basketball equipment supplier in the world, and America's first baseball company. Widely known as a top apparel company, Russell Corporation...

Inground Basketball Systems

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About Us - At a Glance

The inception of Portable Basketball Hoop came about in 2003, with the concept of providing customers with the Best Basketball Goals possible, and we back our Basketball Hoops with second-to-none customer service. Our administrative offices are located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia, along with Basketball Equipment Distribution Centers across the country.
We have outstanding partnerships with popular Basketball Equipment Manufacturers, so our product availability and inventory goes well beyond what is displayed on our websites. We offer all major categories-styles of basketball equipment, which includes; Youth to Beginner, Residential, Institutional, and Official Regulation size basketball systems.
With that said, if you do not see the Basketball Goals or Basketball Hoops you are looking for, please contact us via email of phone call, and one of our Service Representatives will assist you, to fulfill your needs. Please note, not all online basketball hoops dealers carry a full line of Basketball Goals like we do. So we can become your one-stop-shop for all your Basketball Equipment needs!
Top Brand-Name Basketball Equipment Manufacturers we partnered with:
FIRST TEAM SPORTS offers a full line of Portable Basketball Hoops, Basketball Portable Systems, Basketball Wall Mount Systems, Basketball Backboard Padding, and other Basketball Hoop Accessories.
GARED SPORTS offer a full line of residential and institutional grade Portable Basketball Systems, Basketball Wall Mount Systems, Ceiling Basketball Mounted Goals, Basketball Backboard Padding, Basketball Nets, and other Basketball Hoop Accessories.
ESCALADE SPORTS offers a full line of Portable Basketball Hoops, which includes the complete line of the famous Goalrilla, In Ground Basketball Hoop, and other Basketball Hoop Accessories.
BISON for Life offers a complete line of Basketball Equipment, including Basketball Backboard, Basketball Portable Systems, and Wall Mounted Adjustable Basketball Goals.
SPALDING EQUIPMENT offers a complete line of Portable Basketball Equipment, Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoop, high quality Basketball Rims, and other Basketball Goals Online.
LIFETIME SPORTS offers a complete line of residential basketball equipment, including Portable Basketball Backboards, and other Basketball Hoop Accessories.
Portable Basketball Hoop also provides you with a list of Basketball Goal Installers, a preview of what to look for before you purchase with our Basketball Hoops Buying Guide, and offer several listings of Basketball Hoops Reviews. We also outsourced a professional engineering staff to draft up Basketball Ceiling Mounted Goals quotes for your gymnasium or church facility. Finally, once you purchase your basketball goal, we can provide you with a Basketball Hoop Hood Covers.

Portable Basketball Hoop

Tips for buying a Basketball System

Here are some considerations to keep in mind.
So you want to buy a basketball hoop, but you're not quite sure what you're looking for in a home basketball system? Portable or Inground? Wall/Roof Mount? Backboard or Rim? Utilize the following facts to help you answer common questions. Choose your system for the game you play and the area where you play it.

The game of basketball was forever elevated when the founders of basketball in ground systems dared to imagine a residential, institutional basketball Portable goal unlike any of its kind. The same passion that so many people have for the game was poured into the creation of building the website from Basketball Hoops Online.

What makes a Basketball Hoops Online website store so original? Everything you can imagine! Virtually every product of Basketball Hoops Online is top of the line, vast products and selection of Portable basketball systems, the way we conduct business and the desire to make the buying decision the right one. Our staff was designed to enhance the customer service and increase our performance and sales goals of basketball in-ground systems and goals. Basketball Hoops Online exclusive customer service, including the over 15 manufacturer's that make Height Adjustment Systems, Acrylic Backboards, Tempered Glass, Flex Goals, One-Piece & Two-Piece Off-Center Structural Steel Poles and Patented Hinged Ground Anchors systems, Angle iron adaptor plates and many other systems that crush the misconception that all basketball goals are created equal.

At Basketball Hoops Online, we also embrace the belief that the quality of our product-line is much more than a collection of stand alone features. True quality lies in the way that we do business — from training our techs & representatives to ensure product knowledge, up with the latest systems and customer satisfaction to proudly sell the entire product line in the USA (United States of America). Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality basketball hoop and basketball equipment at the right price and that it will be enjoyed for years to come, allowing you to claim one of the best & unique basketball Portable system.

We invite you to visit our entire website, the tradition of the greatest game ever created and experience how Basketball Hoops Online has redefined the art of selling Portable basketball systems.

These systems are positioned and cemented in a hole dug in the ground and are permanent. In-ground systems are more stable than portable systems, but require more work to install. You can choose to dig and insert a ground sleeve into a hole in the ground and insert the pole for some portability. The in-ground system will require a minimum of six 90-pound bags of cement to secure in the ground. Our selection of Portable Systems includes products from Huffy Sports, Hydra Rib, Silverback, Escalade Sports, First Team, Gared Sports, Schutt Sports and Schelde. Check them out today!

Portable Basketball Systems tend to be more rigid and take up less space than portables. Plan on spending approximately $15 on concrete and waiting 72 hours for the concrete to dry. Portable Basketball Systems can be Adjustable or Fixed-Height. he ability to raise or lower the backboard to the desired height is one of the most exciting features home basketball systems have to offer. This allows players of any age or skill to enjoy the game at their level! The ability to raise or lower the backboard to the desired height is one of the most exciting features home basketball systems have to offer.

Some Popular Brand Names In Basketball Goals

Goaliath is the best built mid-range basketball system available. Tough playability requirements ensure that Goaliath provides the best value in its price range. If you¹re looking for the quality system that plays the best, check out the strength of Goaliath.

Goalrilla is the toughest basketball system on the planet. Extremely rigid performance criteria guarantee that this is the most stable, durable and playable system available today. If you want to experience a truly rock solid basketball system, give Goalrilla your best shot!

No basketball company has introduced more new products into the marketplace. It was Huffy Sports who drove the category from wood backboards to fiberglass, graphite, acrylic and lighted models increasing backboard performance and generating excitement among consumers.

First portable basketball system
First environmentally friendly backboard
First elevator
First lighted backboard
First breakaway rim
First secondary restraint ground stake
First Quick Clip safety net release system
First play anywhere backboard and rim
First non-corrosive ground sleeve
First rotational in ground
First multi-wheel rollable unit basketball system
First high performance lighted sports balls

Through the introduction of innovative basketball systems that incorporate the highest standards for safety and performance, Huffy Sports continues to guide the basketball industry through year 2000 and beyond.

The Hydra-RIB brand represents the most reliable high-end basketball units in the world. Used in over a dozen NBA areans and most NCCA venues, Hydra-RIB units have built a reputation as high performing, high quality basketball systems.
Bring the professional look and high performance of a Hydra-RIB system out of the gymnasium to your own driveway.

International recognition with equipment in 67 countries on 6 different continents
Colleges, Universities, Schools, Sports Clubs, and YMCAs
In the 1999 NCAA Men's Tournament, 42 of the 64 teams had Hydra-RIB on their home courts
11 of the 29 NBA arenas use Hydra-RIB Portable Backstops, the most of any one manufacturer
Hydra-RIB has been the backstop used in 22 of the past 24 NCAA Final Four Tournaments
Get professional look and high performance of a Hydra-RIB system in your own driveway
Hydra-RIB was the "Official Supplier" and the "Backstop of Choice" for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia
5 of the 8 WNBA arenas use Hydra-RIB Portable Backstops, the most of any manufacturer

Basketball Hoops Online (BHO) sells basketball equipment that is rugged, long lasting and tough enough for the Pro's. Our outdoor and indoor basketball goals are second to none, with designs that will complement any gymnasium or playground. We are your industry source for any style basketball backboard, basketball hoops and portable basketball hoops. Our drop down from the ceiling series basketball backboard and hoop are top performers and they are available in manual or electric models. They can also be ordered in clear or solid traditional style white backboards.

BHO also sells wall mounted backstops are ideal for side courts and where low ceilings or other factors prohibit the use of other types of backstops. Simple, rigid designs provide years of top quality performance. Available in stationary or folding designs also available in multiple combinations of fan and rectangular backboards and rims. Optional height adjusters can be used with all wall-mounted designs. Please specify backboard, goal style and extension length when consulting with our customer service professionals. All BHO backstops backboards come standard with an attractive semi-gloss, acrylic enamel finish. There are dozens of backboard styles and configurations all of them are sturdy and attractive.

We also carry scoreboards, shot clocks, replacement nets, basketball carriers, safety padding for posts and walls in your gymnasium and safety straps for ceiling mounted backboards. If it is basketball related we sell it, BHO is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable basketball equipment in the industry. Contact us today; for a look at our product line and personal equipment needs consultation, our customer service representatives are ready to become part of your team.

• Basketball Standard - Rampage Portable Basketball Hoop, P.E. Goal - • Rectangular Glass Backboard with 10 yearr Warranty - • Basketball System - Portable Outdoor w Adjustable Height, Wheels - • Basketball Goal – Ft186 Heavy-Duty with Side/Front Flex - • Basketball System w Outdoor Adjustable Pole, Flex Rim - • Basketball System w Glass Backboard & Flex Goal - • Bolted Playground Basketball System w 4.5-Inch Gooseneck - • Basketball System w Pole, Goal & Perforated Backboard - • Basketball Goal - Bison Breakaway NFHS-Approved with Anti-Whip Net - • Basketball System - Ultimate Playground w Backboard, No-Fail Netlock - • First Team Gooseneck Basketball System w Rim & Net - • Complete Basketball Unit - Steel - • Playground Recreational Heavy Duty Basketball Rim - • Basketball Swimming Pool w Adjustable 6-Ft. Rim Attachment - • Basketball Goal - Double Rim Heavy-Duty with Net-Lock - • Aluminum Basket Unit w Fan Shaped Backboard - • Basketball Goal – FT170 with 180-Degree Flex - • Basketball System - Super Duty Gooseneck, Backboard, and Hoop w 6-Ft. Overhang - • Basketball System w Aluminum Backboard & Steel Rim - • 5-Foot Extension Basketball System w Powder-Coated Backboard - • Basketball System - Wall-Mount Adjustable Height w Graphite Backboard - • Basketball Goal with Universal Mount, Net, Hardware - • Basketball System - Ultimate Adjustable Height w Acrylic Backboard - • Gooseneck Basketball System w Backboard & Double Rim - • Breakaway Basketball Goal w Regulation Positive Lock Mechanism - • Backboard Height Adjustment Manual System - Short Boards • Basketball portable basketball hoop - basketball hoops backboards - goalsetter basketball hoops - lifetime basketball hoops - basketball hoop pole - wall mounted basketball goal - basketball goal systems - lifetime basketball goal - portable basketball hoops - indoor basketball hoops - Sports Basketball Authority • Basketball backboards outdoor - basketball backboards - replacement basketball backboards - huffy basketball backboards - basketball backboards lifetime - portable basketball backboards - basketball backboard dimensions - lifetime basketball • Basketball wall mount Systems - goalsetter basketball systems - adjustable basketball hoop - basketball hoop system - basketball backboards - wall mounted basketball hoops - Portable basketball hoops - Portable basketball systems - tempered glass basketball • Basketball portable hoops - spalding basketball hoop - huffy basketball hoop - goalsetter basketball hoops - basketball backboards hoops - swimming pool basketball hoop - basketball hoop pole - basketball hoop rim - the beast basketball hoop

Types of Basketball Systems

When you think about Basketball Systems, what comes to mind? Some people would say it refers to a basketball inground system, or a portable basketball goal, or even a basketball wall mounted system.  As those hoops may be the common terminology, but don’t forget about ceiling mounted backstops, roof mounted basketball hoops, and basketball swimming pool systems.

Whatever the case may be, all basketball systems have three common elements, a backboard, rim, and a net. Where they will be played, the players skill levels, and economics will determine the type of basketball system you would want to purchase.


  • Inground basketball hoops are hoops that are installed into the ground to create a permanent basketball system. They are designed for outdoor use and can be used for recreational play or institutional play.  Depending on what you buy, most inground goals hold up well in adverse weather conditions, and we even offer Hoop Hood Covers to help preserve your investment. Inground hoops give you the stability and durability needed for many different types of players and skill levels.



  • Portable basketball goals can be a head scratcher at times. You want something that is easy to move and transport, as well as a unit that can be folded up when it’s not used. On top of all that, and depending on the level of play, you want something stable, durable, and one that won’t easily be tip over. You just have to analyze your needs and wants, and be ready to compromise unless you have a lot of money, space, and manpower.
  • Portable basketball systems can be rated from Youth to Beginners, Residential to Institutional, up to Professional level of play. Whatever your situation may be, you want a system that is easy to set up, safe, and a unit that matches your level of play. Ultimately, two of the most deciding factors are economics and the amount of playing space you have.



  • Institutional wall mounted basketball goals are a great choice for areas where space is limited, or where ceiling mounted or portable goals are not practical. A wall mounted basketball goals consist of the mounting framework, backboard and a rim. They can usually be mounted to a wall, as a standard installation, or manufacturers sell Side-Fold, and Swing-Up systems. These types of systems are mounted with specially designed extension arms and brackets. Since they are being mounted directly to an existing wall, the new wall mount basketball goals do not take up additional space.
  • Residential wall mounted basketball goals are a great choice for areas where space is limited, or where portable goals are not practical. A wall mounted basketball goals consist of the mounting framework, backboard and a rim. They can usually be mounted to a wall, as a standard installation, or manufacturers sell stationary and adjustable systems. These types of systems are mounted with specially designed extension arms and brackets. Since they are being mounted directly to an existing wall, the new wall mount basketball goals do not take up additional space.



  • Not all Basketball facilities are alike, so requirements are distinct and different, therefore each facilities ceiling mount basketball system must be custom built and designed to meet your needs. In order to get a quote, you need to locate building plans that include details on the construction of your facility. Also, you need to fill out a manufacturers “Take-Off” sheet, as this will give them an idea on what type of system will best suit your facility. Several questions must be asked below to determine what best meets your needs and also to create an accurate and precise QUOTE.
  • Custom ceiling mounted backstops offer the designer several options and versatility when designing an athletic facility for any level of competition. Manufacturers' offer a wide range choices, designs and features that include stationary/ceiling braced design and remote control, fold up units.



  • Some players want to take their basketball game to a higher level, while others want to take their game to the swimming pool. Well for those players who want to shoot around, slam it down, while they splash around, we have found the hoops for you! Nowadays, several manufacturers have designed basketball swimming pool systems for home-residential use, as well as commercial use, like you would see at your local waterpark. Water sports have become very popular these days, and basketball swimming pool hoops has become one of the most favorites.



  • The Roof Mounted basketball goal are not as popular as a basketball inground hoop, or even a portable basketball system. Less than a handful of manufacturer's make this type of basketball system, so your selection is very limited. With a Roof Mounted Basketball System, you can simply install it on your garage or even the most practical wall. Optional backboard padding can be purchased to protect players from injury when the backboard is adjusted to a lower height.



  • When you're not shooting hoops on the court, you can shoot some hoops in your game room! Basketball Hoops Online several different exciting game options to enjoy the game of basketball in your game room. Host a party or get together, and center it on the game of basketball.

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System Features

There is a lot more to a basketball hoop than a backboard and a rim. There are many variations of all the essential components.




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Things to Consider



TIPS FOR BUYING Basketball Backboard Systems

When it comes to basketball, the sport is fast paced and aggressive. The equipment used in basketball gets a lot of abuse over time, whether you are a recreational player or a professional one. Fortunately for basketball players, if any one part of the basketball hoop system becomes damaged the individual part can be replaced, whether you are talking about the pole, the rim or the backboard.

If you are interested in replacing your basketball backboard, you need to know a few things. For example, the dimensions that you want to use. If you already were using a backboard but were unhappy with the shot support received from the backboard, then you may want to go larger. Basketball backboards are available from 40 to 72 inches. 40 to 60 inches are your typical home sizes and 72 inches is regulation. The rule for basketball backboards is that the bigger the backboard the easier it is to make a shot.

Basketball backboards are also available in a couple of different thicknesses. Regulation is 1/2” thick, for home use; however, you should determine the thickness based on your need and amount of use it will receive. The thicker the backboard is, the longer it will last and the more durable it will be. However, affordability will most likely play a big part in your purchase, especially for a home purchase, and the thinner the board (as well as the smaller) the less expensive it will be.

We offer basketball backboards in a variety of materials. Glass is typically used in professional sports for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it looks professional, secondly it is more durable than other options, and thirdly it allows for fans to see the ball in play through the backboard without having to adjust their positions to see around the backboard.

Other materials available for our basketball backboards are acrylic, tempered glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Each one of these materials has their own merit for basketball players. Most decisions are made about materials based on durability and affordability. Using the different kinds of materials while playing basketball will often make it easier for you to make your decision when the time comes.

When choosing your shape you have two choices, either rectangular or fan shaped. Each one has their own benefits. The rectangular shape is best for making shots and improving free throw and other shooting skills. The fan shaped is typical for a home setting, this is because it is much more affordable than the rectangular shaped. However, if your game is already good, then the fan shape will do fine for practicing.

Whether you are purchasing a backboard to replace a broken one, or you are looking for an upgrade, you are sure to find what you need here. There is a backboard for every budget and for every situation, whether for serious play or for recreation. Choose the right size and materials based on your needs, your support equipment (such as the pole) and your budget and you will be happy with your purchase.

BRAND NAME PROFILES: Spalding | First Team, Inc | Gared Sports | Schutt Sports | Escalade Sports

BASKETBALL SYSTEMS: Portable Basketball Systems | Adjustable Portable Basketball Systems |  Portable Basketball Systems | Wall-Roof Mount Basketball Systems |  Ceiling Mount Basketball Systems | Swimming Pool Basketball Systems

PRODUCT SELECTION:   Basketball Reference Guide | Product Selection Page |  Basketball Equipment Listings | Basketball Equipment & Systems |  Basketball Systems | Basketballs |  Basketball Nets |

In the market for a basketball hoop?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Portable hoops offer the greatest flexibility of placement around your driveway and yard. You may live in a cul de sac where a portable goal can be placed into the street on a "temporary" basis offering an inviting play area for you and your neighbors. You may want to assemble the hoop and play right away without digging holes and waiting weeks for the cement to set. If this describes your needs, there are entry, mid, and deluxe level portable basketball hoops suited to your needs.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops offer a step up from Portable Basketball Hoops. To a basketball enthusiast, there is nothing more handsome in a home than an in ground basketball system perfectly integrated into the driveway of a home. It's both aesthetically pleasing, and practical. In ground hoops offer a higher degree of stability which is a key consideration to the basketball connosieur. You want a solid hoop that yields a minimum amount of sway when you clank a shot off the rim or do a monster tomahawk dunk. Poles used on lower end in-ground basketball systems come in sections of as many as three. That's fine for the casual player. If you want more, however, look for the thickest gauge one piece pole you can afford.

Basketball backboards come in a range of backboard sizes from 48", 54" to the NBA regulation 72". Get the biggest backboard you can afford, because the bigger backboards offer more playing surface. For the pro look, clear rectangular backboards are preferable to the fan shaped backboards.

The majority of basketball hoops backboards can be made of acrylic or tempered glass, more expensive of the two. Get the glass if you can, because it is stiffer than acrylic. With less flex, you get truer bounce off the backboard.

There are various height adjust mechanisms for basketball hoops. They include: from use-a-broom handle bracket slots to squeeze handle gas pressure, squeeze handle spring loaded, and worm gear hand crank. Gas pressure cartridges have a lifetime expectancy of 5 -7 years. Springs last a similar amount of time before they deform. The worm gear hand crank mechanism found on higher end basketball hoops offer the maximum in fine tune adjustability Keep in mind that any height adjust introduces flex and sway to the backboard. The heigher end backboards compensate by using thicker gauge metal.

Buy a hoop today, and slam-dunk tomorrow!