Ceiling Mounted Systems

The SKYMASTER® ceiling-hung volleyball system allows for net setting at your fingertips. Our ceiling-suspended volleyball system eliminates the need for transporting volleyball equipment, while saving storage space. This innovative design allows you to electrically raise and lower your entire system up and out of the way of other court activities in just minutes! The SkyMaster® can be custom-manufactured to meet the specific requirements of any facility and is available in one, two, or three-court configurations.

Features 4" square powder-coated steel support structure and 1-HP dual drum direct drive electric hoist. Rail system for net attachment provides infinite net height adjustment for volleyball, badminton, and tennis. Easy-to-operate ratchet winch with folding handle for safe adjustment. Fully padded uprights with unique adjustable foot pad for added stability. Everything you need to play is included with the system, including upright pads, premium net, antennas, sideline markers, and cable covers. Optional padded referee stand is available, and optional safety straps can be added for increased safety. Optional Electric Net Height Adjustment Available.

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