Goalrilla - DC72E1 Inground Basketball System

Goalrilla - DC72E1 Inground Basketball System

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Being the best basketball player is more than hours practicing free throws. More than knowing how and when to pass. More than rebounding. Dunking. Draining three-pointers. To be the best, you have to perform when the game is on the line. When your team is relying on you to make the shot. When the crowd cheers and boos, and sweat runs in your eyes. Becoming the best means delivering when it counts the most. It means honing both your skills and mental fortitude with the best equipment and arena-style experience.

  • Does your backboard replicate in-game action?
  • Can your basketball hoop handle 1000 pounds of force without shattering?
  • Does your hoop deliver arena-style rebound, shot after shot?
  • Can your basketball system stand up to the elements?

If your equipment is sub-par, you’ll always have to wonder if a missed shot was a bad aim… or just a bad rebound off an old warped backboard. Equipment that makes you doubt yourself, holds you back. You need equipment that stands up to everything you throw at it, every time, so you can focus on perfecting your shot. Basketball is a mind game. Being the best is more than just being able to swish. It’s knowing you can. Even when you practice and your game is as sharp as it can be, you still need one crucial thing: Confidence. And that’s exactly what you get with Goalrilla basketball systems.


Build confidence and perfect your aim with the best backboard. Anchored, in-ground basketball hoop systems from Goalrilla play as hard as you do, so you’ll have the skill and confidence to meet any challenge. With tempered glass backboards, steel-welded frames, and rims that can take a pounding, your Goalrilla goal is unyielding. Just like your determination to be the best. Your goal is our goal. So whether you’re shooting for more court time… varsity… or a ride to D1 school, arena-style Goalrilla hoops give you the freedom to focus on what’s important: conquering your next goal.


Drill jump shots all afternoon. Drain threes all night. Perfect your drive. Slam dunk with a pro-style flex rim that can take it. Make every shot a swish. Master free throws. Get an arena-style rebound, shot after shot.  Do it all—and do it better—with a 72-inch basketball backboard from Goalrilla. When your game is more than a friendly one-on-one… when you’re playing for keeps against the biggest guys in the neighborhood… or practicing for the toughest game of your career... you need professional equipment that can stand up to the challenge. These 72-inch hoops are our biggest, strongest basketball goals. Tough enough to help you overcome every challenge, from bigger players to bigger dreams. Dreaming bigger than your driveway is one thing. Achieving those dreams—making the team, getting a scholarship, playing pro—is another. It takes hard work, and constant practice. The right equipment, and a realistic arena-style atmosphere.


A professional quality 72-inch backboard from Goalrilla gives you an arena-style game…every time you play. So you can focus on the perfect swish shot without worrying about a bad rebound. Slam dunk without fear of a broken rim. Play longer and harder focused purely on the game itself, not the equipment you use. Just like the pros. The same size as official NBA basketball backboards and just as durable, Goalrilla 72-inch backboards are ideal for competitive play. Hone your skills. Get the confidence that comes from experience. Be ready for anything a professional game can throw at you. With a full-size basketball hoop that perfectly replicates in-game action, there’s nothing you can’t do. Shoot for more court time. Aim for bigger dreams. Take home tougher victories with a professional 72-inch basketball hoop from Goalrilla.


  • 72" X 42" BACKBOARD
  • 6" X 8" 1PC. POLE SIZE
  • DUAL WELDED TORSION BARS - on its lower board arms to prevent backboard sway
  • DUPONT® POWDER COATED - UV and corrosion resistant

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Welcome to Basketball Hoops Online where we are constantly refining our inventory to make available the latest and best systems to you. You may have noticed searching the web for basketball systems that there is a lot to choose from. Some sites have them all! We are not just an on-line store that sells just anything our vendors offer.  Inground basketball hoops are hoops that are installed into the ground to create a permanent basketball system. They are designed for outdoor use and can be used for recreational play or institutional play. 

Depending on what you buy, most inground systems hold up well in adverse weather conditions, and we even offer Hoop Hood Covers to help preserve your investment. Inground hoops give you the stability and durability needed for many different types of players and skill levels. If you have more space that can be used solely for basketball, you can install your inground goal in the back yard as part of a concrete area you can use as your court. This will allow you to play in an area that is just for basketball.  We are one of the best Basketball Systems installation company and we know every bolt and screw on our systems and they were chosen because they are better then another. 

If two systems are equal in quality but not price, why offer the more expensive one? Ask one of those sites that have pages and pages of systems that all look the same which is the best for the money.  You probably already know where you plan on putting your basketball system but just so you know Residential systems are typically not built to the same standard and Institutional ones.  Residential systems are typically less expensive and many come with long warranties but the warranty only applies if the system is used in the environment it is designed for. Institutional systems are built more rugged and are designed for many hours of play, every day.

Basketball Hoops Online has been selling and installing high quality basketball goal systems since 2002. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and making your shopping experiences a pleasant one. We will always strive to offer only the best basketball goals. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always ready to answer any of your questions about our inground basketball goals and our portable basketball hoops. We sell inground basketball goals, portable basketball goals, basketball goal accessories and even institutional basketball goals.


Adjustable inground basketball hoops are a great choice for either recreational or institutional hoops. They bring to the player versatility and the confidence needed to make the shot. Little kids no longer have to stand before a 10 foot hoop throwing the ball with all their might hoping to make the shot. Adjustable inground basketball systems give players the opportunity to play at their skill level. As skills increase so can the size of the hoop. Adjustable basketball hoops for recreational home use are perfect for growing families. Most models can be adjusted from 6 feet to 10 feet increments. This allows everyone in the family to have a chance to play. Some models come with a crank that allows you to adjust while others have a motorized option. Either way, adjusting the system is easy and can be done quickly even between games.


If your home court play is expected to be exclusively at the official 10' height, a fixed height system provides competition-like playability and rigidity not possible on adjustable height systems. Basketball Fixed inground basketball systems are available with 4", 5" or 6" square poles with Safe Play Areas under the basket as deep as 60". When looking for gymnasium-quality equipment for your driveway, Bison, First Team, and Spalding fixed height systems will exceed your expectations. Fixed-height basketball systems are perfect for those that don't require an adjustable basketball system and would like to save some money on a simpler design. Fixed-height basketball goals usually cost less than it's counterpart of the adjustable basketball hoops because there is no moving parts, less metal parts, which reduces the price of steel materials used to manufacturer a fixed height inground basketball system.


You typically find these types of basketball systems in public parks, or school playgrounds, and even churches. The most common design is a Gooseneck basketball system that is comprised of a One-Piece pole that has a sharp curve that top side of the post. A second type of design is a straight post with an Extension Arm that extends off the upper part of the post. Both designs are made for aggressive, rugged play, and they offer low maintenance with extended warranties.

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