Yes, they play Basketball in Alaska

8 September, 2018

When you think about Alaska, what is the first thing that comes to mind; Cold weather, quite, and nothing to do? Well, you might be wrong because there are plenty of things to do in Alaska, including the great game of basketball.

Alaska, northwest of Canada, is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It's known for its diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains and forests, with abundant wildlife and many small towns. It’s a destination for outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Massive Denali National Park is home to Denali (formerly called Mount McKinley), North America’s highest peak.

People who live in Alaska, even play basketball outdoors, just look at the picture included in this blog, it’s breathtaking. I sold this First Team OmniSlam portable basketball system to one of my customers in Anchorage, Alaska and they are very grateful that we were able to find them a good price on this portable hoop and ship it to them in Alaska.

Slam-Dunk Basketball Party Ideas

8 September, 2018

March is quickly approaching and, for many of us, thoughts of leprechauns and lucky clovers have been replaced with the excitement of NCAA March Madness! It’s a time to gather friends, family and co-workers to watch the up-and-coming stars of the basketball world and cheer on our favorite college team. Whether it’s two classic rivals fighting it out on the court or a no-name college as the underdog, one thing is certain…energetic sports fans will watch with delight as the Final Four is determined.

Some fans may choose to watch at sports bars and restaurants, while many will enjoy the comfort and intimate setting of their family room. Here are a few easy tips that will spice up the competition for an in-home party while providing some well-coached style and flair for snacks and drink presentation.

Host a Snack Attack

A refreshment table is a must at these times. Rather than just throwing your food onto the coffee table, set up a "Madness Table". Keep it close to the action so no plays are missed while guests dig for chips and load up their plate. Pull out your Lifetime folding table and throw a Macel and Company Basic and Topper over it in the color combination of your choice. Don’t be afraid to throw in a centerpiece of team pennants or basketball themed party favors.  Be sure you have enough treats in case the game goes into overtime.

If your home is filled with guests rooting for different teams you can make the competition on TV be more real in your home. Set-up two Lifetime 37" square tables or round tables, covered with a Basic and Topper of each opposing team’s colors.  Lay the rules out at the beginning of the game:  Only eat from the table of the team currently in the lead. So, if you like one team more than the other, just put the better food on that team’s table.  It’s just a sly way of rooting for your team.

If the game’s good, the action around the snack table will get heated and frenzied. Spills are bound to happen.  Plan for it.  Lifetime tables are stain resistant.  Pair them with Macel & Company’s linens that are machine washable and stain resistant and you’ll rebound from a spill in no time.

Take the Party Outside

If it's warm enough in your area, take the party outside!  During commercials and half-time, let your guests practice their own all-star shots on your Lifetime basketball hoop.  Or, try a few of these family-friendly driveway basketball games.

Make a Racket with Brackets

Finally, don’t forget about the brackets! One of the fun ways of keeping March Madness exciting is to fill out a bracket. It’s up to you whether you stay loyal to your personal favorites or pick from those the experts favor.  Either way, get creative with your bracket name. Have a contest to see which guest has the craziest or most original name in the pool. Set a gift aside for the winner…something basketball-themed of course!

By Bonnie Whitesides, Co-Founder, Macel & Company

Maintenance on your Basketball Hoop

6 August, 2018

You have invested money in a basketball hoop to add recreational value to your driveway, improve your game, or give your kids something to do when you chase them outside to get some exercise and fresh air. Now you have to make sure you know how to keep that hoop and backboard in good shape so that your investment pays off.

Getting Ready for Use

Although most basketball systems made for outdoor use are rust-resistant and designed to last a long time, it still doesn't hurt to be fully aware of everything you can do to keep your hoop and backboard in tip-top shape for an extended service life. Portable basketball system weights are either water-based, sand-based or use concrete blocks. If your system is sand-based, it has more density than water, so the goal is likely to stand firmly in place for a long time. Water-based systems are susceptible to gradual evaporation when the weather is very warm, a drawback that is not a factor with sand-based systems. Â Sand-based systems, however, are more expensive, because sand costs more than water. If you have a water-based system, refill it periodically to maintain stability and also to ensure safety. If too much water evaporates without being replenished, the hoop could fall over and possibly injure you or your kids. First Team does not recommend using water for ballast on any First Team portable unit.

Another aspect of taking good care of your basketball system has to do with how it is actually used. If you purchase an inferior brand, rough, aggressive treatment will hinder the longevity of a hoop, backboard and pole. Anyone can dunk on an adjustable basketball goal, and if your system is going to be used by advanced hoopsters whose aggressiveness and athletic ability frequently takes them above the rim, it only follows logically that a hoop that is being dunked on is subject to significantly more abuse than a hoop that only receives jump shots, free throws and gentle layups.

Routine Maintenance

What kind of regular maintenance should I do for my portable basketball hoop?

Even the best basketball system will need some attention from time to time. The net will need to be replaced every 1-5 years. The paint may also fade or get scratched or chipped. When this happens make sure to touch up the paint using a satin black outdoor spray paint such as Rust-Oleum. Make sure proper ballast is installed and remains installed on any portable basketball system. Lack of ballast in a portable basketball goal is the number one cause of rim and backboard damage due to tip over caused by strong winds. Portable basketball hoops can be brought down to their lowest possible setting so you can wheel the system into a garage in anticipation of an extended stretch of nasty or inclement weather. Pole padding may also be removed on in-ground units during winter months if desired. Check nuts and bolts for tightness once per year. When you limit your basketball system's exposure to adverse elements like bad weather, you are proactively prolonging the life of your hoop and backboard through vigilant maintenance practices.

Article by: First Team Sports

Helpful Tips before purchasing a Basketball Hoop

6 August, 2018

The great thing about basketball, you can play it indoors or outdoors, and it makes exercising a lot of fun! Some of health benefits of playing basketball help your cardiovascular system, and your heart will love you for that. When a customer ask me what type of basketball system to purchase, I usually have a checklist of questions to ask, this way we can pin-point the best basketball system to match their situation.

Location, Location, Location:  Before you buy anything, survey the outside of your home to see if the backyard, driveway, or above the garage is the best place to have your basketball hoop set up. I wouldn’t recommend placing a portable hoop on the public street, as I have heard stories about disgruntled neighbors complaining to local authorities, and before you know it, they hauled off your hoop. Wall or roof mounted systems are a great solution when space is limited.

Portable vs. In-ground: A portable basketball system is more practical when you need to move or store your system. Most portables can be folded down, and collapsed into a compact position which is ideal for transporting. Purchasing a basketball inground system can be more expensive and laborious, as it will require you to dip a hole (up to 48” deep), and secure it with concrete. Typically inground systems are more stable, and are a perfect solution, for a more permanent fixture in your yard or driveway.  

Bounce or no Bounce: When selecting a basketball hoop, it’s wise to play close attention to the backboard material. Low-End systems backboards are made of graphite, polyethylene, and very thin acrylic, and they offer very little bounce off the board action. Speaking of acrylic backboards, they give you a fairly decent bounce off the board, and it’s a good substitute for tempered glass. Speaking of tempered glass backboards, these backboards generate the maximum bouncing performance off the board than any other backboard made.  The Pro’s use them, all Universities use them, so why don’t you?

Does Backboard Size Matter? Yes it does, especially if you’re playing competitively and you want to UP your level of play. Some players like to take full advantage of a 42” x 72” backboard to make those high bank-shots off the glass. If you specialize in Swishes, or aiming for the target area on the backboard, then size doesn’t matter. 

Basketball Court Kits

2 August, 2018

The most backyard, driveway, and HOA basketball courts are not official size courts at all. Most of them are half court, quarter court, and smaller. The practicality of laying out the money for a full size court doesn’t make much sense at all, let alone an economically a wise decision.  What most homeowners do is purchase basketball court kits as they are more practical, and easy to implement. 

Most popular court kits are:

Court Stencil Kits: Simply lay out the pre-measured cardboard stencils and spray paint in between the line.

Sport Striping Machine: These machines give you the ability to lay out a full or half size basketball court.  You can roll out strip tape or paint.

Court Tile Kits: Designed for locations and backyards with limited space, the Mini Court features approximately 500 square feet of court space. Tile Courts kits are fully assembled in our warehouse and the lines are pre-painted by our team of professionals in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and longevity. We then number each section, disassemble your court and pack the tiles according to a numbered diagram specific to the court size you order.

If you have the space and want a mini-like experience at your house, you might consider a court tile system, or even concrete type basketball court in your backyard. Your court dimensions will be truer and your court surfacing will play better, look great and be easy on the feet, and joints. 

Types of Basketball Nets

1 August, 2018

Basketball nets, not the most glamorous basketball accessory, but they obvious have an essential role in the game of basketball. Just think about it for a minute; what would the game of basketball be like without a basketball goal net? Well I would hate to be the player(s) in the paint, even worse, directly under the rim when those rocket balls, keep flying in, and say goodbye to the swish.

As you know the purpose of the basketball net is to slow down the speed of the basketball as it goes through the rim, and secondly it’s an accurate way to confirm the ball went through the rim for a score. Most common or popular basketball nets are basically designed the same but some are weighted differently in terms of “Grams”, and others have different materials, such as metal, rubber and vinyl coatings.

Most Common Types of Basketball Nets:

Nylon Basketball Net


     ·  Heavy competition braided nylon net

     ·  Suitable as a competition net or as an upgrade for residential use 

Nylon Anti-Whip Basketball Net


·  Heavy duty anti-whip competition net

·  Thick braided nylon reduces whip common with lighter nets 

Polyester Anti-Whip Basketball Net


   · 100% polyester with Polypropylene in the tips for extra strength

   · Official NBA® on-court basketball net used in 30 NBA® arenas 

Steel Basketball Net


·  Premium steel safety net

·  Welded loops eliminate risk of player injury

·  Attaches to any style goal via heavy duty "S" hooks

·  Superior to normal style chain nets

·  Zinc plated          

Chain Basketball Net


·  Economy chain net

·  Outlasts nylon nets

·  Attaches to any style goal via "S" hooks

·  Zinc plated 

Permanet Basketball Net


·  2000 lb. high-strength, flexible steel cable

·  Large loop design and protective vinyl coating

·  Rim-lock theft-deterrent system

     ·   Unique design resists sticking, tangling, and fraying

Types of Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

1 August, 2018
    Bison, Inc.

    Bison, Inc - General Installation Guidance

    Ceiling Mounted Backstops

    Porter Athletic.

    900 Series Ceiling Suspended Backstops

    Ceiling Mounted Backstops


Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

Not all Basketball facilities are alike, so requirements are distinct and different, therefore each facilities ceiling mount basketball system must be custom built and designed to meet your needs. In order to get a quote, you need to locate building plans that include details on the construction of your facility.

Also, you need to fill out a Manufacturers Quote Sheet, as this will give the them an idea on what type of system will best suit your facility. Several questions must be asked below to determine what best meets your needs and also to create an accurate and precise QUOTE.

Custom ceiling mounted backstops offer the designer several options and versatility when designing an athletic facility for any level of competition. Manufacturers' offer a wide range choices, designs and features that include stationary/ceiling braced design and remote control, fold up units.

Click here to open, and download the Ceiling Mounted Quote Sheet. Fill out the quote sheet completely, then scan document, and email it back to us.

The most popular used ceiling mounted basketball goal is the Single Mast System.  Double mast backstops, however, are also used, and Gared Sports makes a wide selection available.  In many cases, the choice between single mast and double mast comes down to personal visual preference.

Dual Post Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

Is forward folding and rear braced. This model is designed for those areas allowing sufficient space behind the backboard for a rear brace and unobstructed room to the front to fold up. This dual post unit can be used at heights from 18' to 26'. For heights over 26', please see Model 2603. 

  1. Tested Structural Design Strengths: All dual post backstops have been tested and approved by FIBA meeting the requirements of stability and safety.
  2. Seismic Testing: All our equipment and hardware designs have been approved by the state of California for meeting and/or exceeding all seismic testing requirements.
  3. Overhead Design Hardware: Clean overhead designs are built to accommodate many building conditions.
  4. Providing the strength to handle the load of the equipment and the stress caused by years of competitive use.
  5. Adjustable Mast Hanger: Engineered hangers designed for strength and safety at critical attachment points, provide unequaled performance and reliability.
  6. Channel Support: 4” structural steel top spreader supports our welded frames design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.
  7. Offset Design: Our vertical support mast has an offset design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.

Powder Coat Finish: Extremely durable baked on finish for an attractive clean appearance. Black and white are standard. Optional colors: Forest Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, and Grey.

Single Post Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

Is forward folding and rear braced. This model is designed for those areas allowing sufficient space behind the backboard for a rear brace and unobstructed room to the front to fold up. This unit can be used at heights from 31' to 45'. For heights under 31', please see Model 3103.

  1. Tested Structural Design Strengths: All single post backstops have been tested and approved by FIBA meeting the requirements of stability and safety.
  2. Seismic Testing: All our equipment and hardware designs have been approved by the state of California for meeting and/or exceeding all seismic testing requirements.
  3. Overhead Design Hardware: Clean overhead designs are built to accommodate many building conditions.
  4. Providing the strength to handle the load of the equipment and the stress caused by years of competitive use.
  5. Adjustable Mast Hanger: Engineered hangers designed for strength and safety at critical attachment points, provide unequaled performance and reliability.
  6. Channel Support: 4” structural steel top spreader supports our welded frames design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.
  7. Offset Design: Our vertical support mast has an offset design allowing the weight of the backstop to assist with the locking of the brace.
  8. Fully Welded Frame: All single post designs less than 31’ incorporate a 6 5/8”diameter vertical support mast with fully welded frame for maximum rigidity.
  9. The mast is stabilized by rectangular tube side sway braces welded to the support channel and the mast.
  10. The sways are precision cut to match up perfectly to the vertical mast and horizontal top channel.
  11. Direct Goal Attachment: All designs incorporate a direct goal mount feature to distribute all stress or load on the goal directly to the vertical support mast.
  12. Basketball backstops utilizing this feature are backed by a lifetime backboard warranty. 

Powder Coat Finish: Extremely durable baked on finish for an attractive clean appearance. Black and white are standard. Optional colors: Forest Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, and Grey.

Purchasing a Portable Basketball Goal?

31 July, 2018

A basketball goal is an essential part of any recreational facility, school gymnasium, or home court. At First Team Sports, we manufacture a wide variety of basketball goals to fit all situations, including fixed height backboards, adjustable basketball goals, competition basketball backboard systems, and roof mount basketball goal systems. For those situations where an in ground basketball goal is not an option, a portable basketball goal is the answer. It is ideal for homes in communities that do not allow permanent installation of basketball goals, as well as for multi-purpose recreational facilities, churches, and gyms that do not have wall mount basketball goals. There is a tremendous range in the adjustability, portability, and durability of portable goals, so it is important to do your homework before buying a portable basketball hoop system. You will choose something very different if you need a basketball goal for kids as compared to basketball equipment that meets NCAA and High School regulations for competitive indoor games. This basketball goal buying guide covers key things to consider when purchasing a portable basketball goal. Please call us for answers to your specific questions about which portable goal is right for you.

Durability: Stability and Weight Are Key

The very first question to consider when you start to shop for portable basketball hoops is: who will be using the equipment? If a little kid will be using the outdoor sports equipment on your patio, a simple system that allows you to lower the basketball goal height may be just what you need. First Team's Invader portable basketball system fits the bill when budget and space are the top priorities. On the other hand, if teenagers, men, or women will be using the goal for aggressive recreation or team sports, lightweight sets are not stable enough. The type of basketball goal Walmart sells will tip over if players hang on the rim, posing a potential player safety concern. Outdoor sports equipment also needs to hold up to the elements, especially wind. When you need an outdoor or indoor basketball hoop that can withstand slam dunk action and players hanging on it, it is time to move up to First Team's Thunder, Storm, or Hurricane heavy duty equipment basketball backboard systems. One look at the basketball goal pictures reveals why we are able to back the Thunder, Storm, and Hurricane with our unmatched Lifetime Superior Warranty: they have broad stable bases, large overhangs, and safety padding to endure fierce competition. The Hurricane also comes with the complete sets of the back tie downs required to meet NCAA competition standards. With a shipping weight of nearly 1600 pounds, you won't find a more stable and durable basketball system made by any of the top brands of commercial basketball goals.

Range of Adjustability

Is the basketball goal adjustable? That is the next question that needs to be considered when purchasing portable equipment basketball backboard sets. The great thing about adjustable hoops is that they allow you to set a custom height based on the age and ability of the players. An adjustable basketball goal height is particularly recommended when shopping for a basketball goal for kids. The majority of First Team's portable basketball goals are adjustable from regulation 10 feet down to as low as 7 ½ to 5 ½ feet, depending on the model. Our RollaSport is the only portable basketball goal we make that is considered to be a fixed height sports equipment basketball backboard set, although it too has some rim height flexibility. These are questions to ask about the adjustability of portable basketball goal systems:

  • What is the range of height adjustment? Every First Team model goes up to the full regulation 10 feet height, while many of the warehouse store goals only go up to 7 feet high. The lowest rim height adjustment on our portable goals goes as low as 5 ½ feet on our Storm goal.

  • What is the adjustment mechanism? The spring aided crank system that First Team uses is far superior to typical spring-slide methods. Our goals all feature a built in rim height indicator for precision, and most models offer infinite adjustability.

  • How easy is it to change the rim height? You should not need to use special tools or stand on a table to adjust the height of the goal.

  • Remember to keep the age and ability of your players in mind when considering adjustability, and feel free to contact us for additional guidance.

Ease of Portability

By definition, portable basketball goals are self contained units that are not installed in one place like in-ground basketball goals. That is not to say that all portable systems are equally easy to move, however. For instance, the most basic junior basketball goal Walmart sells does not have wheels to facilitate rolling it from the driveway to the garage for storage. Every First Team portable basketball system has easy gliding wheels to make it simple for one person to roll. Our Invader model uses a simple tip and roll technique, while the other units offer a variety of folding mechanisms to lower the backboard for rolling under a door. Like all of our indoor and outdoors sports equipment, basketball goals are made to be extremely user friendly. Residential portable sets such as the RollaSport and RollaJam roll right into your garage to be stored by the outdoor power equipment between games. If basketball is your sport, you definitely want a portable basketball goal that is easy to move into place so you can start playing right away!

Other Important Considerations

In addition to durability, adjustability, and portability, quality of construction and available features should be considered. First Team's Invader and RollaSport portable basketball hoops are made with high quality clear acrylic backboards. All other models are available with your choice of acrylic, tempered glass, or smoked tempered glass backboards. Either recreational or heavy duty flex goals are offered with our portable systems. Base padding for player safety is available with most models, in a range of colors. Our basketball buying guide has more information on available features, and we also have plenty of basketball goal pictures and specs on our website to help you make the best decision for your needs. Like every piece of sporting equipment First Team makes, every portable basketball goal is manufactured with pride in the USA. Since 1996, First Team, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality sporting goods equipment for basketball, men's lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and football. You will find First Team basketball equipment and other products at top sporting equipment stores nationwide; our ever-growing network of over 1000 authorized dealers ensures that our products are available at your favorite place to shop for gear for basketball, cleats and running shoes, swim suits, athletic apparel, and all of your athletic equipment. Call us today to find the best portable basketball goal for your home, recreational facility, or school.

What things should I consider when buying a portable basketball goal?

  • Durability

  • Range of Adjustability

  • Ease of Portability

  • Quality

    Article by: First Team Sports

Is your Basketball Hoop 10’ Regulation Height?

31 July, 2018

There is a simple way to measure the height of a basketball hoop.  However, most people don't know the proper way to check official basketball rim height for the sanctioned games.

To check the true height of a basketball rim you will need:

·         A tape measure

·         A ladder 

Have one person climb the ladder and place one end on the tape measure at the front tip of the rim so it is even with the TOP side of the rim.  Drop the tape measure straight down to the playing surface to check the distance. 

The tape measure should read 10 feet for regulation basketball, typically ages 11 and older.  Next perform the same steps at the back side of the ring.  If one side of the ring is off the 10' mark, you will need to make adjustments to the rim or backboard to compensate until perfect 10' height is achieved front to back on rim.

Article by: First Team Sports

Tips on choosing a Basketball Rim

26 July, 2018

If you’re in the market to purchase a new basketball system, or just want to replace an existing rim, here are a few things to consider before you buy.

One may consider buying a Flex Goal, or the classic Fixed Goal. Most players these days lean towards the breakaway goal, as opposed to a fixed goal, because it’s safer for both player and your backboard.

Another thought to consider when replacing your existing rim with a newer one is the mounting area on the backboard that secures the rim. This area has (4) mounting bolts that go through the rim, backboard, and are secured with nuts and lock washers to the back-plate. Typically a high-end backboard system will have a bolt pattern of 5” x 5”, or 5” x 4”, and the cheaper low-end systems use a bolt pattern of 3” x 2”, plus or minus an inch.

In reality, there are two basic types of basketball rims: Breakaway and Rigid.


The terminology used to describe the Breakaway Rim is; Standard Flex Goal, Flex Goal 180, while others will say a True Breakaway Rim, or a Collapsible Rim. Basically all these names have different meanings, but they all share several things in common; they give away, or collapse downward when pulled, or hung on. Breakaway style rims are most popular for indoor use, as they are responsive; they offer a better performance level and feel, over the traditional Fixed-Rigid rims.


The classic Fixed Rim or Rigid Rim doesn’t move or flex when pressure or weight of a player is applied. The rim itself is a one-piece, fully welded ring with rear plate attachment points. These rims are typically used outdoors, and/or on a low-end beginner basketball system. Fixed rims are no longer used in the NBA, and major universities.

Finally, the level of play is important to know up front, as this will be useful when selecting the optimal basketball rim. The aggressive use by players, the skill level, and the temptation to Slam-Dunk are key factors in rim selection.

The Big Giants Don’t Know It

26 July, 2018

Have you ever visited one of the big national sporting goods chains online and view some of the popular grade basketball systems? The next thing you do is jump in the car and you head over to the local store to check out the basketball goals in person.  Come to find out, not only do they NOT have the hoop in stock, but they rarely know much about the product you’re inquiring about.

Now some people might just want to pick up the phone and call one of these Big Giant stores to get more information on a Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal.  After waiting and waiting, finally you get a salesperson on the phone, and once again it’s a big let-down, as they tell you this product isn’t an in-store item, so it will be shipped from the factory.

I have noticed over the past 6 or 7 years now, more and more brick and mortar mega stores are advertising online all types and styles of basketball goals.  The sad news is, when you try to gather information and do comparisons on similar products, most big chain stores don’t have it.  Maybe their motivation is to cram every conceivable sporting good product into one big warehouse type of store, and let the consumer figure it out.  Think about it, most super-mega sporting goods stores have thousands upon thousands of products to sell, so how well does one know about the different types of basketball hoops?

Now you can take the smarter approach to buying a hoop and visit a website that is an authorized dealer of selling Top Brand-Name basketball systems. Most of these companies are very knowledgeable on most popular hoops, including other major team sports products.  Typically hoop dealers have a good, working relationship with basketball manufacturers, and it’s similar to a partnership.

Most basketball hoop dealers, including myself treat their business as a full-time job, so that means keeping up to date with the latest products and trends.  Yes, we know our hoops, and most of the time if you call or email us, we can recommend the best hoop for your particular situation.  Keep in mind; several factors go into hoop selection, economics, age, skill level, shooting style, and available amount of space to play at your home or institution. 

Yes, it’s time. Portable or Wall-Mounted System?

24 July, 2018

I drive by this house almost every day of the week for the past 3 years and this hoop hasn’t moved.  Ever since the backboard fell apart, the desire to play has been very limited to none.  I have a First team Invader portable goal and I would love to donate to them but I don’t think my son wouldn't appreciate losing is hoop.

So if you were going to replace this basketball system, would you take the cheap way out and replace it with a youth-style portable, pay some bigger bucks for a First Team RoofMaster, or WallMonster wall-mount basketball goal?

If you look closely at the garage in relationship to the height of the portable hoop, I don’t think you would have enough height on the garage to support a wall-mounted goal.  Even if you did, the backboard would be situated possibly above the roof, and I could see a lot of lost balls landing on the far side of the garage.

You know what I would do? I would focus all my time and energy on getting the garage updated first, by adding new overhead doors, also making sure the whole garage is structurally safe and secure, and then finalize it with a nice coat of paint.  Last but not least, I would re-surface the driveway, and add a court-marking kit.

After all the time and money is spent; again, do you replace this current one with a portable or wall-mounted basketball goal?

Find Local Pickup Games of Basketball

22 July, 2018

For many people, playing on a basketball team is a fun and effective way to exercise. For others, it is a lifestyle. The key to having all this fun is finding out where people are playing, and players with the same ambition and motivation as yourself.

A good place to start this new journey is pay a visit to your local public playground and see if you can join a team with some local ballers. If this doesn’t yield any positive results, go to your local gym and inquire about any organized basketball activities. I recently found an interesting website ( and they advertise schedules for local sporting events in your area. It’s geared for all age groups and best of all it’s a great way to meet new friends.

The bottom line is, if you’re serious about playing basketball, there are plenty of resources out there just waiting for you to take advantage of. Thanks for the ever growing popularity of basketball that makes opportunities like this exist.

Soccer & Basketball, are they similar?

22 July, 2018

Is soccer and basketball similar? Well let’s break it down and find out. Obviously both sports use a ball and they try to drive the ball down into the opposition zone to score.  Yes, in one sport possession is maintained by kicking the ball on the ground from one teammate to another, while the other sport maintains ball control through the air by passing the ball from one teammate to another.

As you know the objective of both sports is to shoot the ball at the opponent’s goal in hopes of scoring. One sport has a designated goaltender, while the other sport has five.  During the game, both transitions from defense to offense, so you must be able to shoot, and block shots.

At this point things look very similar in both sports until we talk about scoring, and player movement.

Most NBA basketball teams average between 80 to 120 points per game.  Most FIFA soccer teams average 1 to 3 points per match. As far as player movement during a game, there is no comparison, basketball players are up and down the court, non-stop action and scoring.  Soccer has its moments, but it’s a slower moving sport, and plays are carefully drawn up and executed, and kicking the ball accurately, takes a lot of skill and practice.

Are these two sports similar, or not?

Basketball: Athletic Training

20 July, 2018

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers (AT), health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients across age and care continuums. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. ATs work under the direction of physicians.

To become an athletic trainer one must have a master's degree from an accredited professional level education program and then sit for and pass the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Each state then has their own regulatory agencies that control the practice of athletic training in their state. Most states (42) require an athletic trainer to obtain a license in order to practice in that state, 5 states (Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia) require registration, 2 states (New York, South Carolina) require certification, while California has no state regulations on the practice of athletic training.  

Areas of expertise of certified athletic trainers include:

·   Apply protective or injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces

·   Recognize and evaluate injuries

·   Provide first aid or emergency care

·   Develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes

·   Plan and implement comprehensive programs to prevent injury and illness among athletes

·   Perform administrative tasks such as keeping records and writing reports on injuries and treatment programs

Warranty Cover Dunks-Hanging on the Rim

20 July, 2018

Once upon a time, dunking was against the rules in college basketball games. Then, even after those restrictions were relaxed, it long remained illegal to dunk during warmups of a high school basketball game. There's no doubt that the sport was slow to adapt to the revolution of the jam. But, now that the sport is played above the rim so much more often than it ever used to be, the question is, if you buy a basketball hoop, does the manufacturer's warranty cover damage caused by slam dunks or hanging on the rim?

Of course, if you're buying a hoop for your three year old, this probably won't be an issue, until they sprout to a formidable height and develop some genuine "ups," or the ability to leap like a pogo stick. But if the hoop you own is going to be used by some serious 'ballers, it still may not be guaranteed against damage from the abuse heaped upon it by dunking or hanging on it. Because of this, a direct mount breakaway rim that holds up well against the force of slams is a feature in high-end hoops that is much more important for a basketball system that will be used by serious players than it would be if the backboard is going to be used primarily by youngsters just developing their games.

However, there are now plenty of backboards that are made to "grow" with your developing young player, and some of these hoops/backboards can be lowered to 5 feet to ensure that you don't compromise on form. And don't think for a second that a youngster who watches the pros on TV won't try to imitate them by trying his or her own version of a youthful dunk. First Team was the first manufacturer to offer basketball systems that are warrantied against hanging on the rim and remains among the few manufacturers who do.

Is there a warranty that covers slam dunks and hanging on the rim?

Most other manufacturers units void their warranty if you hang on the rim. Make sure you read the fine print and check out the warranty that's included. It's the best thing you can do to ensure everybody's safety as well as to protect your investment.

Article by: First Team Sports

Bigger Hoop vs. Smaller Hoop for your Home

20 July, 2018

When it comes down to it, when selecting a particular size basketball hoop, it comes down to economics, age of the player, your skill level, your shooting style, and available amount of space in your driveway.

Let’s discuss each category in more detail:

Economics: Obviously you can only buy what you can afford, so the $4,000.00 Goalrilla is off the table.

Age of the player: On average very young players are typically shorter in height, so a huge backboard is out, and the adjustable one is in.

Your skill level: Don’t waste your money on a beginner if a month later they turn in their basketball for a football. Start out small, then a year or two later, if they are still interested, grab that bigger board you always dreamt about.

You’re shooting style: Some skilled shooters like to use the backboard to bank their shots (Bank-Shots), so a 42” x 72” backboard won’t impress them.

Amount of space in your driveway: Sadly, if you live in tight quarters where playing surface is scarce, you might have to resort to a wall or roof mounted basketball goal.  To me it just doesn’t feel the same to throw a basketball at one’s house and hope it lands in the hoop, and not through a window.

In closing, have a game plan in place before you purchase a basketball system.

Cities order basketball goals to be removed

20 July, 2018

Have you heard stories about homeowners complaining to city authorities about unattended basketball hoops being left in front of another neighbor’s house and the city gives up to 10 days to move it or face a fine?  While another neighbor said the city has cited the same code violation that prompted state officials to order the basketball hoop owner to remove their basketball hoop. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, and confusing.

I heard another story about a hoop owner living in an area where no other neighbors exist, and the hoop is directly next to a power utility station. The city reportedly had received six complaints about the hoop within a week. The hoop owner stated the basketball goal has never been a problem, nobody’s ever been injured,” they said. “This hoop has been in the same spot for over six years now without any problems until now.

From what I gather when a hoop is setup on the street, that’s public property, so the city has the final word on what can, and can’t be put on the streets. These types of violations are Complaint-Driven, so if your neighbor doesn’t like you, he or she can file a complaint with the city. Basically what the city codes states, anything that extends beyond your property line and into the street violates city code. The laws in most cities can remove a hoop without reimbursing the owner.

Some parents are left to wonder how life got to the point where a pickup game of hoops has transformed into an unkind suburban life, needing city authorities and regulators to be the bad guys.

In closing, a word or two of advice, be good to your neighbors, move and stow away your portable basketball hoop when you’re not using it, and donate to the poor.

Selecting a Basketball Hoop for your Gym

20 July, 2018

Keep your gymnasium up to date with the very best equipment. Since basketball hoops are the focal point of many gyms, what are some of the tips you should be following in your quest for the best basketball hoop you can afford for your gymnasium?

What kind of basketball hoop is right for my gym?

Wall Mounted Basketball Goals

Gymnasium wall mounted basketball goals are a great choice for areas where space is limited, or where ceiling mounted or portable goals are not practical. A wall mounted basketball goal consists of the mounting framework, backboard and a rim. They can usually be mounted to a wall, as a Stationary Installation, or manufacturers sell Side-Fold, and Swing-Up systems. These types of systems are mounted with specially designed extension arms and brackets. Since they are being mounted directly to an existing wall, the new wall mount basketball goals do not take up additional space. You can also purchase a Height Adjuster kit for the backboard; this will allow you to adjust it vertically between 8 feet and 10 feet.

Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

Not all Basketball facilities are alike, so requirements are distinct and different, therefore each facilities ceiling mount basketball system must be custom built and designed to meet your needs. In order to get a quote, you need to locate building plans that include details on the construction of your facility.

Ceiling mounted basketball backstops aren’t for everyone, as your facility or gymnasium might not meet the required ceiling height to allow proper clearance for the mast to hang down from the ceiling in relationship to the playing surface on the floor. Also, budget can be an issue as well, as these units can start at $7,000.00 per bucket. The actual quote can take weeks to complete, and most facilities require a “Field Measurement” completed by a certified installer.

The most popular used ceiling mounted basketball goal is the Single Mast System.  Double mast backstops, however, are also used, and Gared Sports makes a wide selection available.  In many cases, the choice between single mast and double mast comes down to personal visual preference.

Portable Basketball Goals

When choosing your portable basketball hoop you need to consider the function and strength. You want something built to high standards that can withstand rough play. You also want something that is not going to be cumbersome to move. You want a portable system that is equipped with a caster wheel system that makes it easy to tote your system from storage to the playing area. Most portable basketball systems can be moved by one or two persons.

Most portable systems are adjustable for two main reasons; one popular reason is for players of all ages, and heights to play with the portable hoop. Another main reason is for storage purposes. With this feature, the system can be folded down, and collapsed into a compact position which is ideal for transporting. Remember, purchase a portable basketball hoops that is durable and one that is safe. There are many to choice from, but that is why we created this website, to help make your buying process a little easier.

Glass Backboards vs. Acrylic Backboards

19 July, 2018

If you are thinking about buying a new basketball goal, you might find yourself stumped over the difference between glass and acrylic backboards. It is common for people to use these terms interchangeably; however, there are significant differences. Both types have their pros and cons and a clear understanding of the differences will help you make an informed decision about which type of backboard is right for your basketball court.

Tempered glass backboards are considered the official material for indoor basketball competition. Contrary to what you may read on other websites, tempered glass is not what the windshield in your vehicle is made of (that is laminated glass). However, the side windows of passenger vehicles are made from tempered glass. All backboards used in high school, college and NBA competition are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass backboards are made from actual glass, while acrylic is a clear plastic material. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is hardened in the production process to make it approximately 5 to 10 times stronger than standard glass. This process also changes the glass property so if it does break, it will shatter into small crumbs about the size of a small marble. This is why tempered glass is considered a safety glass which protects people from large pieces of glass in the event of breakage.

The hardness and stiffness of tempered glass is what makes it such a good material for use as a basketball backboard. The stiffness of the material provides exceptional ball bounce off the backboard. Additionally, the hardness of the surface prevents scratching and allows the tempered glass backboard to retain its like-new look over time. The down side to tempered glass backboards is their susceptibility to vandalism. Any hard object that impacts the surface of the glass at a high velocity can potentially cause tempered glass to shatter. Rock throwing, BB guns or a stray baseball are examples of items that can cause a tempered glass backboard to be broken. This is why tempered glass is generally not chosen for parks or playgrounds where the general public has unsupervised access to the basketball court.

Acrylic is another clear option for basketball backboards. This material is more commonly known by the brand name Plexiglas. Acrylic is essentially a clear plastic material. Unlike glass, acrylic backboards are much more forgiving when it comes to vandalism such as rock throwing, etc. Because acrylic is a softer material than tempered glass, a rock or other hard object thrown at an acrylic backboard will more than likely just bounce off with little to no damage. However, due to its softness acrylic does not provide the same lively ball response of the backboard as tempered glass and is also more susceptible to scratching. Look for acrylic backboards made from 1/2 inch thick acrylic for the best ball response which will provide approximately 85% of the ball response of tempered glass. Due to its more vandal resistant properties, when a clear backboard is desired acrylic is the material of choice of unsupervised parks and playgrounds.

Article by: First Team Sports

Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo

19 July, 2018

What comes to mind when someone mentions a Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo? Well years ago before I knew anything about basketball equipment, the first thought that came to mind was, something you hang on the backside of your bedroom door, or something to attach to a phone pole.

Many years later, I realized Backboard-Rim Combo’s come in pretty handy when you want to replace an existing Backboard-Rim on a Youth-Level, In-Ground or Portable Basketball System.  I also discovered if area space is an issue, you can purchase a Backboard-Rim Combo along with a Universal Mounting Kit, and attach this system to a roof top or exterior wall.

In today’s world Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo’s have become very popular and range from 44 inches to 54 inches and are made from a variety of materials to create durability and rebound performance. Each manufacturer makes their own version and is usually geared for the Low-End portable and In-Ground basketball systems.

Again, Backboard-Rim combo sets are a great option when on a budget, and are typically for home use. I think they are a great buy, and most manufacturers offer many styles, colors, and other options to meet your needs!

Basketball Training Aids

19 July, 2018

What are they? No, they’re not Band-Aids or First-Aid Kits. Basketball Training Aids are designed to UP your game, develop basic and advanced basketball skills. Practices are comprised of more than just a coach blowing his or her whistle, or yelling at players.

Today’s basketball practices include high-tech shooting equipment, such as the Shoot-A-Way Training Systems, software programs that store player profiles, and other devices that keep track of shot counts. Don’t forget the traditional training equipment like Rebound Domes, Block-Aid Rebounders, Master Toss Backs, Practice Rings, Guard Nets, and much more!

Whether you're a player or a trainer, on our website you’ll find basketball training aid products for everyone on your team, training aides that will hone your basketball skills. We offer great products here that are guaranteed to improve every area of your game. And no matter what your skill set is, if you're a beginner or an advanced skilled player, we have training aids and other basketball equipment resources to elevate game to a higher level.

Finally, it takes athleticism, knowing the proper techniques, and lots of purposeful practices to be an effective scorer around the basket.

When you think about Basketball Systems

19 July, 2018

When you think about Basketball Systems, what comes to mind? Some people would say it refers to a basketball in-ground system, or a portable basketball goal or even a basketball wall mounted system.  As those hoops may be the common terminology, but don’t forget about ceiling mounted backstops, roof mounted basketball hoops, and basketball swimming pool systems.

Whatever the case may be, all basketball systems have three common elements, a backboard, rim, and a net. On the other hand, where they will be played, a players skill level, and economics will determine the type of basketball system you would want to purchase.

Basketball is one of the top three sports in American, its popularity is driven by the athleticism of the players, the fast-breaks, and artistic slam dunks. The basketball players are always moving, and they have to be in great shape, and no other sport is physically demanding as basketball.

More and more organizations are starting up basketball programs at their schools and recreational facilities. While others are upgrading or renovating existing backstops, to a more modern version of a basketball goal.  Basketball Hoops Online is equipped and offers a full-line of recreational and professional grade basketball systems.

We have partnered with some of the world’s most popular manufacturers of basketball goals; we have both indoor and outdoor adjustable basketball goal systems. Also, browse our website and you will find professional grade indoor and outdoor portable basketball systems complete with accessories including backboards, netting, rims, and other basketball equipment suitable for any level of play be it recreational, competitive, or professional.

Basketball Camps for Everyone!

19 July, 2018

Basketball Camps are very popular these days, just surf the internet and you will see basketball camps advertised nationwide for boys, girls, and adults. Most basketball camps for boys and girls offers a choice of Day, Overnight, Winter Break, Spring Break, International Camps, and don’t forget Adult Basketball Fantasy Camps as well.

Whether you're a beginner to the sport or a seasoned varsity player, basketball camps are typically designed for young basketball player’s entering grades 1st through 8th. Along with the basic and advanced skills training, these programs will help them prepare mentally and athletically for the game of basketball. Some programs have opportunities for international campers, with multi-week and multi-lingual programs too!

On any given day, a Basketball Camper will be exposed to all essential parts of the game, which will help them develop all of their basketball skills. Most basketball camps put emphasis on shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defensive skills. Slam Dunking? I’m not sure if that’s one of the core skills these programs teach.

Basketball Camps offer you more than just the sport itself; you'll make new friends, enforce the importance of team work, and gain valuable experiences that will help you get to the next level. In my opinion, no matter what age or skill level you are, participating in any type of basketball program will boost your self-confidence, increase your skill-set, and overall appreciation for the game of basketball.

Portable Basketball Systems

18 July, 2018

Portable basketball goals can be a head scratcher at times. You want something that is easy to move and transport, as well as a unit that can be folded up when it's not used. On top of all that, and depending on the level of play, you want something stable, durable, and one that won't easily be tip over. You just have to analyze your needs and wants, and be ready to compromise unless you have a lot of money, space, and manpower.

Portable basketball systems can be rated from Youth to Beginners, Residential to Institutional, up to Professional level of play. Whatever your situation may be, you want a system that is easy to set up, safe, and a unit that matches your level of play. Ultimately, two of the most deciding factors are economics and the amount of playing space you have.

Most players either wish they can slam-dunk, or they already can. Slam dunking can be fun, and rewarding, but it also poses a safety issue if you don't have the correct type of system, and the right amount of ballast weight installed in the base of the portable system. Simply spoken, without the correct amount of counterbalance weight, the unit can tip over, and possibly fall on top of a player. Please do not compromise on the cost to make your unit safe for all age groups!

When choosing your portable basketball hoop you need to consider the function and strength. You want something built to high standards that can withstand rough play. You also want something that is not going to be cumbersome to move. You want a portable system that is equipped with a caster wheel system that makes it easy to tote your system from storage to the playing area. Most portable basketball systems can be moved by one or two persons.

Most portable systems are adjustable for two main reasons; one popular reason is for players of all ages, and heights to play with the portable hoop. Another main reason is for storage purposes. With this feature, the system can be folded down, and collapsed into a compact position which is ideal for transporting. Remember, purchase a portable basketball hoops that is durable and one that is safe. There are many to choice from, but that is why we created this website, to help make your buying process a little easier.


These systems are designed for young players and/or any beginner that wants to try their hand at the game of basketball. Most of these portable systems are inexpensive, that way not a lot of money is tied up in a basketball system if they lose interest.


Designed for adults and/or advanced players who need a system to meet and exceed their demands and skill set. This basketball portable system can be used as a top-quality residential system, or placed in a church or recreational center


Are designed for top- level competition, and must be official and regulation size systems. You can find these types of portable basketball systems in College and NBA arenas.

Bermuda Basketball Association

18 July, 2018

The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) today announced that the Bermuda Basketball Association (BBA) has received several pieces of new equipment thanks to funding provided through BOA’s partnership program with the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) that makes new equipment available to qualifying national sports federations free of charge.

The BBA has received two Bison T-Rex Portable Basketball Systems, which will be used for outdoor games, two Shoot-A-Way Shooter Basketball Training Systems to help prepare men’s, women’s and youth national teams for international competition, and 60 new FIBA Official basketballs (36 indoor and 24 indoor/outdoor). 

Mr. Tommy Johnson, Treasurer of the BBA, said “We would like to thank the BOA and PASO for their support and for the equipment that will enhance our athletes’ training capabilities. With the new equipment, we’ll also be able to give local youth a better introduction to basketball and prepare them better for local and international competition.”

Judy Simons, BOA President said, “The BOA is focused on helping our young athletes from all sports along on their journeys to success. As PASO’s representative in Bermuda, we’re pleased to have been able to help the BBA acquire new equipment to help with the development of our local basketball talent, and we know the equipment will go to very good use.”

Special thanks to Basketball Hoops Online, they were very professional, courteous, and patience in the transaction of the basketball equipment mentioned above. Their sales staff made the buying process go very smoothly, and they were there when we needed them.

Media Contacts Judy Simons President, BOA - 07/06/2018

Wow, we have been just all over the place since we got the guns from you. We have been to Canada, Suriname and now getting ready to go to Santa Domingo.  I would like to thank you for helping us get better in basketball by getting the guns all the way to Bermuda. This island has never had basketball equipment like this and our shooting percentage has jumped 50% since we started using them. Thanks a million and we will call you again for our basketball needs.

Rickey Watts - 11/28/2018 - Physical Education Teacher| Department of P.E. / Fam. Studies / Health

100’s upon 100’s of Online Hoop Dealers

18 July, 2018

Have you ever done a Google keyword search for “Basketball Goal”? Last time I looked, there were over 275,000,000 results. Now if you look even closer at the result pages, there are hundreds of dealers selling the same basketball hoop products.  I think the basketball goal manufacturers like the free advertising, but it’s not so good for the online dealers.

Competition is great, but it can be confusing to the consumer.  As all the top dealers are fighting to be ranked first on Google’s result pages, sometimes the best deals are buried two or three pages deep in the results pages. When making a large purchase, make sure you compare the complete package.  What I mean is, does the $3,000.00 basketball system include free padding, free shipping, free lettering on the padding, and no sales taxes.

Just remember, if every online dealer is selling a First Team, Hurricane, portable basketball system, the product will be the same, no matter if it’s on the first Google ranked page, or the last one.  The only difference is price, and what accessories, and extras are included.

Basketball Hoops Buyers Guide

18 July, 2018

At Basketball Hoops Online Buyers Guide, we embrace the belief that the consumer should have access to full product descriptions, manufacturer history, and all warranty information before making a basketball hoops purchase. With hundreds of choices, many brand names, it can be confusing and daunting to make a final decision on which one to buy.


As the author and creator of Buy-A-Hoop website, I started out as an authorized dealer that represents manufacturers' and sells most of the top brand name basketball products. We have over 12 years of experience in the business, and our company has sold thousands basketball related products. So we have a good idea on what sells, and what doesn’t. We have a good eye for quality and non-quality products.

What are your thoughts and comments about getting informed about a product of interest before you buy?

Basketball Goal vs Basketball Hoop?

12 July, 2018

Basketball goal and basketball hoop are two terms which are often used interchangeably. Our customers frequently ask us if there is a difference between basketball hoops and basketball goals. When it is time to shop for sports equipment, it is helpful to understand the terminology, after all. Technically, the goal or hoop refers to the orange rim that is mounted to the backboard, but in common language, the terms are used when people are referring to the complete sets that make up basketball systems.

Partnered with First Team Sports, we use the term basketball goals when referring to either complete basketball goal systems or the rims themselves. We offer a comprehensive line of made in the USA indoor and outdoor sports equipment: basketball backboard systems (wall mount basketball goals or on a post) for team sports, adjustable goals for kids, portable goals for indoor games and driveway outdoor play, and commercial basketball goals that can stand up to the most aggressive playgrounds. Our basketball buying guide and basketball goal pictures can help you understand the differences between the types of basketball equipment for sale. Call First Team today to get started!

My Thoughts on Swimming Pool Systems

12 July, 2018

Some players want to take their basketball game to a higher level, while others want to take their game to the swimming pool. Well for those players who want to shoot around, slam it down, while they splash around, we have found the hoops for you! Nowadays, several manufacturers have designed basketball swimming pool systems for home-residential use, as well as commercial use, like you would see at your local water-park. Water sports have become very popular these days, and basketball swimming pool hoops has become one of the most favorites.

Some basic systems are portable units, whereas more expensive one's go into the ground. The basketball swimming pool in-ground system is typically install with an anchor bolt kit, very similar to the way you would install a standard hoop in a drive way area, or similar backyard environment. You even have the installation option of installing a flush mount, sleeve kit, like you would see on a volleyball court. No matter what type of basketball swimming pool system you purchase, you will be able to take your game to pool side, and enjoy shooting hoops with your family and friends!

Basketball Players

7 July, 2018

You ever watch an NBA game, and wonder how these players can run up and down the court at a continuous, high-level of pace and wonder how they do it? Better yet, go find out for yourself and take your basketball to an official size basketball court, then dribble up and down the court, shoot baskets and do this for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  Trust me; if you’re not in good shape, those minutes seem like hours as you struggle to breath, and focus. 

 I used to be one of those guys that couldn’t understand why a player’s game participation was recorded by minutes.  Those game time minutes can work for you, or against you, just depends on your skill-set, and how good of shape you are in. Nowadays, I understand how physically challenging it can be to run up and down a basketball court, and play the game with all that physical contact.

From what I see as a fan from my television set, or even from the sidelines of a live game, it’s obvious to me; NBA Basketball Players are quick on their feet, they have artistic ball handling skills, they have total body awareness to control the way they jump, twist and turn as they approach the backboard to make a shot.  Also they are very athletic to avoid certain injuries to their bodies, and they possess the stamina and cardio traits to make their way up and down the basketball court for 48+ minutes per game.   

Running up and down the basketball court is just one facet of the game; once these players make their way to the other side of the court, the battles are won and lost inside the paint. Just watch the jostling, the elbowing, the pushing, the shoving, and the fighting for position to get open, or to snag a rebound off the backboard.  Do you know how much energy it takes to battle inside the paint to position yourself to get the open to receive the ball, let alone get off a clean shot?
Now do that for 82 days, 48 minutes plus per game.  In my opinion, no other sport is physically demanding as basketball.  Hockey has 4 to 5 lines of fresh body’s; football has a separate offense and defense with 40 seconds between plays, and baseball, a player can fall asleep in the outfield and not miss a beat. Yes, each sport mentioned has their own breaks in periods, quarters, and network breaks, but you can understand the point being made.
Now think about the mental aspects of the game. Just watch each team’s point-guard as they bring the ball down the court; he’s dribbling the ball, positioning his feet to setup a play, and calling out signs to his players. So much emphasis and practice is put into any given play, every player must focus, and execute to succeed.  In today’s game, it is expected that every player on the court can shot and score, and that includes the center position.  All 5 starting players must be in tip-top shape and a good IQ for the game to be productive on the floor.
In summary, even if you don’t care much for the game of basketball, you have to respect what it takes for a player to motivate himself to prepare and practice to be a professional basketball player. The countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears that each and every player puts in the gym to get an opportunity to play this great game of basketball.


Author: Mark Aiello, owner of Basketball Hoops Online - 6/12/15