Basketball Hoop Installation

Is it really worth digging up your yard to have a hoop installed? Most experts believe it’s worth the time, effort, and money to do so. First thing you need to do is purchase your basketball in-ground system from Basketball Hoops Online, and make note of the brand name and model. Most hoop installation quotes are based on size and weight, so the cost to install will vary. The more detailed information you can provide in advance, the better we can estimate the basketball hoop installation requirements and price for your specific job.

Also, the area where the basketball hoop will be installed can change the price as well.  So it’s wise to survey your driveway or backyard to find the suitable place and to maximize the amount of playing surface you will have for your style of play. It’s always helpful to invite the contractor or the person who will install your basketball hoop to come out to your property to verify the location of your new hoop to confirm it’s a suitable location to install your new basketball goal.

Next on your checklist, is very important: Please call 811 as soon as possible. This national service will provide the location of your underground lines, pipes, and cables, so you can determine the safest location for your in-ground basketball hoop installation. Your installer can do this for you, and it will give you a piece of mind once they start digging the 48” deep hole.

Typically a licensed contractor or handyman can do a basketball hoop installation in half the time, or less, that it would take someone unfamiliar with installation work or using the wrong or unfamiliar tools. We listed several companies on our website that would be happy to survey your property and give you a quote to install your new basketball inground system.

Once they start digging holes, the basketball sleeve and/or post is positioned, followed by pouring in the concrete into the holes. If using an anchor plate for a bolt-down kit, the rebar is placed into the fresh concrete along with the “J-Bolts” and everything is centered and level in position as you await the drying process to complete. Several days later after the concrete is dried, all the attachments are installed to the basketball pole, and you’re ready to go!

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