SKLZ - Official Weight Control Training Ball

SKLZ - Official Weight Control Training Ball

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Available in Lightweight, Official Weight, or Heavy Weight. Increase hand speed and awareness while dribbling by forcing quicker responses between bounces, for better handles. Improve ball control and muscle memory by increasing awareness and feel while dribbling. Strengthen fingers, wrists and forearms for improved ball handling, passing and rebounding. All Control Basketballs are constructed of high-quality synthetic leather for training indoors or out.

  • AWARENESS. FEEL. CONTROL. Develop better technique as you improve dribbling speed, accuracy, and awareness with any of the SKLZ Control Basketball. With three weights to choose from, this specialty training tool will help you handle the ball with ease.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT. Double down on dribbling as you improve and respond faster. This under-sized 22.25” ball helps increase hand speed so you get more out of dribbling drills. It forces a quicker response rate between bounces, for greater control of the ball.
  • OFFICIAL WEIGHT. At 22.25” this under-sized ball will help you develop muscle memory and refine your focus. Pound the ball to the court floor as you increase the effectiveness of dribbling drills and gain more authority and confidence on the court.
  • HEAVY WEIGHT. This heavyweight isn’t for the light hearted. This regulation size ball, 29.50”, will make you bring everything you’ve got when handling, passing, and rebounding. Get stronger fingers, wrists, and forearms as you intensify your training.
  • INVEST IN YOUR TRAINING. SKLZ is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their goals. No matter your sport--baseball, soccer, football, or basketball--the SKLZ Pro Training Agility Cones will help you reach peak performance.

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