Jaypro PVB-9000 - Carbon Ultrlite Volleyball System

Jaypro PVB-9000 - Carbon Ultrlite Volleyball System

Brand: Jaypro Sports
Product Code: PVB-9000
In Stock
Price: $5,399.00

Jaypro's new top of the line, carbon volleyball systems include the only all carbon uprights on the market.

  • Weighs less than 20 lbs (under 24 lbs with winch).
  • Telescoping design for a height adjustment range from intramurals to men's competition.
  • Comes with adjustable feet having up to 3" of fine tuning adjustments to achieve that precise official height during initial set-up.
  • The poles are fabricated from state-of-the-art carbon composite materials, which is specially wound to maximize rigidity giving them the stiffness of steel at a weight far lighter than aluminum.
  • 3 1/2" diameter poles
  • Complete system includes: Uprights with Worm Drive Winch, Patented Flex Net, Upright Padding and Antennae.


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