Lifetime Basketball Goals

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  • Lifetime - 0023 Ground Sleeve 3.5
    If your basketball system has a 3.5 inch round pole, Lifetime’s 3.5 inch round basketball ground sleeve will provide you with the rigidity of an inground system and the convenience of later removal. At Lifetime, we strive to keep your options open! Lifetime’s 3.5 inch round basketball ground sleeve ..
  • Lifetime - 0644 Lifetime Pole Pad
    Don’t let unnecessary bumps and bruises interrupt your game; use a pole pad. Pole pads decrease the risks from impact with the pole. With a pole pad, you can avoid additional, unnecessary risks during an aggressive game of basketball. Our pole pads easily attach to your 4 in. pole with velcro straps..
  • Lifetime - 0645 Mammoth Pole Pad
    Basketball can be an exciting but aggressive sport. Avoid unnecessary scrapes and bruises with pole padding. Padding for poles cushions the impact between the player and the pole. Lifetime’s pole padding easily attaches to your 5 in. square pole using velcro straps. Our vinyl padding for poles is de..
  • Lifetime - 0647 Mammoth Heavy-Duty Pole Pad
    If you’re investing in a top-of-the line Mammoth basketball system, we have the Mammoth basketball equipment you need. Lifetime offers heavy-duty pole pads as part of our Mammoth basketball equipment line. This heavy-duty pole pad is twice as thick as standard pole pads, including our 0645 and 0646 ..
  • Lifetime - 0648 Lifetime Heavy-Duty Pole Pad
    Protect yourself against the hard knocks with a Lifetime Heavy-Duty Basketball Pole Pad. Constructed from heavy-duty weather-resistant vinyl with thick foam padding. Designed to fit a 4" pole. This basketball pole pad helps to soften any impact with the pole during an aggressive game of basketball. ..
  • Lifetime - 1008 Fusion Quick 44
    Have you decided on the ideal location for an in-ground basketball system at your house? This residential basketball system is constructed with break-resistant Makrolon for great rebounding performance, and an easily adjustable backboard height ranging from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This good-looking hoo..
  • Lifetime - 1084 Shatter Proof Fusion 50
    Would you like to invest in year-round fun and exercise right in your own yard? You and your family will enjoy an in-ground hoop from Lifetime. Basketball is fun for all ages. This in-ground hoop comes with a black 50 inch shatter proof backboard with orange Slam-It® rim and Action Grip® height adju..
  • Lifetime - 12347 Basketball Return Net
    The Lifetime Basketball Return Net is an ingenious accessory that allows you to spend your practice time shooting hoops instead of chasing the ball. Heavy-duty, nylon net attaches to backboard and spreads out to the ground where it is anchored with sand bags. Note: Return Net can not be used with po..
  • Lifetime - 1529 Portable 50
    If you're looking for an inexpensive portable basketball system with superior performance, the Fusion system is just what you're looking for. This inexpensive portable basketball system is a great investment. It is designed with a Makrolon™ polycarbonate playing surface which is virtually unbreakabl..
  • Lifetime - 1558 Portable 52
    With a Lifetime 52 inch portable system, you just fill the base with sand or water to provide the necessary stability. No concrete installation required. Water is easier to manage as far as filling, moving, and draining the base. System has been tested to withstand up to 40 mph winds when properly f..
  • Lifetime - 3241 Impact Slam-It 44
    You’ll get the most for your money with this great deal on a basketball combo from Lifetime. Our 44 in. Impact® backboard is molded from weather-resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with UV-protected graphics. This basketball combo includes a Slam-It® rim with double-compression sprin..
  • Lifetime - 3823 Rectangular Impact 44
    What appeals more to the competitive nature of your family and friends than a brand new basketball backboard and rim combo from Lifetime? Our Impact basketball combo is built to take the rigorous abuse of physical competition. Use our Backboard Mounting Kit to mount backboard and rim to a wall, roof..
  • Lifetime - 71281 Shatter Proof 52
    An investment in a Lifetime in-ground basketball system is an investment in a lifetime of physical competition and good times. This Lifetime in-ground basketball system comes with a 52 inch shatter proof backboard of Makrolon® polycarbonate and Slam-It® rim—built to handle those awesome slam dunks! ..
  • Lifetime - 71522 Portable 54
    Bring the fun home with the Lifetime basketball portable system. This basketball portable system allows you to play today without the delays of a concrete installation. Just fill up the portable base with sand or water for stability. Water is easier to manage as far as filling, moving, and draining ..
  • Lifetime - 71524 Portable 54
    Bring the game home with this Lifetime Portable basketball hoop. This basketball system from Lifetime Products features a 54 in. clear shatter-proof Makrolon™ backboard. The Power Lift® height adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the backboard from 7.5 to 10 feet high. The 35-gallon portable ro..
  • Lifetime - 71525 Square Board 54
    In-ground hoops provide superior stability. At Lifetime, we recommend using a ground sleeve with our in-ground hoops. With a ground sleeve, you get the rigidty of in-ground hoops with the option of later removal if necessary. This in-ground system comes with our 54 inch shatter proof backboard of Ma..
  • Lifetime - 71526 Steel Frame Pro 54
    If you’re looking for a huge backboard, you’ll be pleased with this 54 inch Lifetime basketball backboard combo. This great-looking backboard is designed with a Makrolon®polycarbonate playing surface for a pro-glass look and superior rebounding performance. It also features our Slam-It Pro® rim to w..
  • Lifetime - 71566 Portable 50
    This Lifetime hoop comes with a 50 in. shatter proof backboard of Makrolon™Polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable. The XL roller base provides the extra stability you need with the portability you desire. Just fill the base with sand or water. No concrete installation required. Water is easie..
  • Lifetime - 71799 Easy Lift Action 50
    At Lifetime, we’ve designed several options for customizing the height of our backboards. This 50 inch shatter proof, easy-to-lift basketball backboard features our Action Grip® counter-balance spring mechanism. Simply squeeze the handle and you can adjust the height of this backboard from 7.5 to 10..
  • Lifetime - 73621 Shatter Proof Fusion 48
    Play your favorite game in style with this great-looking Black Fusion™ Lifetime basketball hoop. This Lifetime basketball hoop is made from shatter-proof Makrolon® polycarbonate and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic molded frame for extra strength and durability. The Slam-It® rim on this Li..
  • Lifetime - 73650 Black Fusion 44
    If you want the convenience of playing your favorite game at your own home, you’re ready to invest in a basketball backboard and rim. You’ll be very pleased with the quality of Lifetime’s basketball backboard and rim combo. Our Black Fusion® Backboard with Slam-It® Rim is a great- looking combo, mad..
  • Lifetime - 73729 Shatter Proof 48
    With your own backboard and rim, you can work on your skills anytime, all the time, right in the convenience of your own yard. This backboard and rim comes with a 48 in. shatter proof backboard of Makrolon® polycarbonate that is virtually unbreakable, and a solid steel Slam-It® Rim with double-compr..
  • Lifetime - 79910 Shatter Proof 50
    Built for fun. Built to last. With your own Lifetime basketball board, you can work on your skills anytime, all the time, right in the convenience of your own yard. This Lifetime basketball board comes with a 50 in. shatter proof playing surface that is virtually unbreakable and a solid steel Slam-I..
  • Lifetime - 90010 Elite Steel 48
    This backboard combo from Lifetime Products features a 48" Steel-Framed Shatter Proof Backboard and a Slam-It Elite™ Rim. The backboard has a clear, shatter proof playing surface that gives you the look and play of pro-style glass. The powder-coated steel frame improves rigidity and rebound, and the..
  • Lifetime - 90056 Double Shot Arcade
    The new and improved Lifetime Double Shot heavy-duty arcade basketball game is designed with innovative features your family is sure to appreciate and enjoy, like built-in infrared optics to provide accurate score keeping and design improvements for friendlier usability, convenience, and safety.The ..