First Team - Sentry PKSO Pickleball System

First Team - Sentry PKSO Pickleball System

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Pickleball is a relatively new sport which shares many similarities with tennis and is growing in popularity all across the country.  Pickleball may be played singles or doubles like in tennis.  However, pickleball is played on a smaller court and players use solid “paddles” to hit a ball similar to a whiffle ball back and forth.  First Team pickleball posts are built to the same rigid standards as our tennis posts.  All weather aluminum construction and thick wall tubing provides straight and sturdy performance.  Our unique pickleball post design allows the 36” tall post to telescope 6” higher so it can double as a tennis post when used on multi-sport courts.  The pickleball nets we make are also made from the same materials as our tennis nets for true competition performance and durability.  Ground sockets are available for easy post removal.

Sentry™ Pickleball Post System


  • Vinyl coated cable

  • Black powdercoat finish

  • Heavy duty quality net construction

  • 3.5" OD schedule 40 aluminum posts

  • Safe and secure worm gear winch will not backdrive

  • Quick detach handle

  • Adjustable post collar

  • Hinged lid sockets

  • Post assembly telescopes for use as a tennis post on multi-use courts

    First Team introduces the SENTRY™ pickleball post system. Sentry is the first pickleball set to feature the ability to quickly switch from pickleball to tennis on multi-use courts. The Sentry top cap telescopes up or down with just the pull of a pin to quick change net height from 36" pickleball to 42" tennis. The unit is constructed of 3.5” OD heavy duty, ¼” thick high tensile aluminum. Aluminum construction makes these posts easy to remove and store, or reset for tennis if desired. The heavy duty worm gear driven winch is easy and safe to operate and has a quick detach removable crank handle. Sentry package systems include a heavy duty, pickleball net made from the same high quality components we use on our tennis nets. Choose from Sentry two system options: SENTRY PKPS includes standard PVC sleeves for post installation while SENTRY PKSO includes our exclusive sockets with hinged cover lids. These sockets are particularly useful on multipurpose courts where a smooth flush surface is desired when posts are removed.

    Sentry PKSO

    • FT8100PO Sentry Posts & Winch

    • FT8000P1 Heavy Duty Pickleball Net

    • FT5001 Hinged Sockets

    • Shipping Weight 110 lbs.

    • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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