Spalding - 411-519 Positive Lock Rim

Spalding - 411-519 Positive Lock Rim

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Get one of the best replacement basketball rims in the market for your Spalding basketball system. The 411-519 is the positive lock breakaway rim used on several of the Arena View Systems from Spalding. The positive lock mechanism keeps the bearings in place so the rim will snap back into the correct place every time. The color is a professional-looking orange.


• Great replacement rim for Arena View basketball system.
• Positive lock mechanism is a better design to keep the bearings in the moving mechanism in place to make sure your rim returns to the proper position every time.
• Comes with an All Weather net.
• Powder Coated orange color finish for a professional look and to help resist rusting.

Other Specs and Features

• 2-Year Factory honored warranty.

• Continuous ram for hanging net.
• Product weighs about 24 lbs.
• Packaging Dimensions: 26.40" x 27.17" x 21.26".

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