Spalding - 411-007 SuperGlass Collegiate sb

Spalding - 411-007 SuperGlass Collegiate sb

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Spalding 411-007 SuperGlass Collegiate 42" x 72" sb Backboard


• Regulation glass backboard for collegiate and high school competition

• ½" tempered glass w/2" border and target 

•T-plate distributes stress to backbaord frame for strength and durability

• Pre-drilled aluminum frame for bolt-on backboard padding

• Compatible with single mast ceiling suspended units

• Board compatible with direct and four-point mount

• Meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications

• Lifetime warranty on direct mounts only (vandalism, acts of nature, and outdoor use are not covered)

• Goal mounting pattern: 411-007 - 5" x 4", 411-008 - 5" x 5" •Backboard mounting pattern: 411-007 - 36" x 63", 411-008 - 42" x 68"

Spalding - Basketball Equipment Catalog 2019

by Basketball Hoops Online on 10/25/2018
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