The Basketball Net Video Catalog

by Basketball Hoops Online on 10/29/2018
Types of Basketball Nets...Welcome to BHO, today we are going to FLIP through the pages of our video catalog, and talk about the different types of Basketball Nets....Currently there are 4 popular types of basketball nets; the Nylon net, the Polyester net, the Chain net, and the Cable net. Watch this video, and get some insight on each of these products, so you’ll have the opportunity to compare each type before you make a purchase....Ok, let’s open the catalog and view the first type of Basketball Net....THE BASKETBALL NYLON NET...Nylon nets can be used for competition basketball play, and are made for both indoor and outdoor use. So if you are going to practice to play on an organized basketball team, this is your best bet, for your home basketball goal. Nylon nets are easy to install, budget friendly, and yes, that classic sound of the “swoosh”, when you make that perfect basket. (Shot)...The only real down side is their durability, as they can get frayed and unusable a lot sooner than either chain or cable basketball nets. To reduce the frequency on replacing this type of net, purchase a high quality, heavy duty anti-whip basketball net. The anti-whip net design is very popular, and is used in the NBA. These nets are designed to withstand a lot of abuse before they get frayed....THE BASKETBALL POLYESTER NET...Polyester basketball nets are used on-court for NBA and NCAA basketball games. The net is made of 100% polyester with polypropylene in the tips for extra strength, and features the anti-whip design. This basketball net is trusted and used by professional basketball players....THE BASKETBALL CHAIN NET...Chain nets are most commonly used on public basketball courts, where they are put to test on a daily basis. The type of material with its unique design makes this net last a very long time. People, who grew up playing basketball on playground style courts with chain nets, can remember the classic “clinking” sound they make, when the ball goes through the net. ...While these models last a lot longer than nylon nets, they are somewhat susceptible to rust, especially if you live in rainy or humid parts of the country. To slow down the oxidation process, you could apply some WD-40 to the chain net on a regular basis. The Water-Displacement formula in WD-40 will draw away moisture, and help the basketball net last longer....THE BASKETBALL CABLE NET...The latest advancement in basketball net technology is the cable net. These are made of extremely durable, high-strength, flexible steel cable, and are covered in a soft nylon plastic coating. They also feature a unique design that resists sticking, tangling, and fraying. They look and feel a lot like bicycle locks that use long, extended shackle cables....While they are a bit stiff and don’t give like the classic basketball net feel, they are the ideal choice if you primarily concerned is durability. In fact, I heard some institutions choose cable nets over nylon nets because they save a lot of money in the long run....If you have any questions or comments about this product video catalog, please feel free to call us at 404 456-3817, or you can visit us on the web, at You can also download a complete, PDF version of this catalog from our website.... Thank you.