Volleyball Equipment

Volleyball can be played in indoors, outdoors and on the beach. BHO has partnered with top manufacturers to provide you with everything you to get your game elevated to a new level. We sell recreational volleyball systems for your backyard along with related sports games that are an inexpensive way to get active, and have fun, with family and friends.

Ever take a vacation to the beach and wonder where they purchased their professionally looking volleyball system? BHO sells competition style beach volleyball systems that will countless hours of fun on the beach! These systems are easy to setup, and some are design to hold up well from elements such as sand, salt water, and sun light.

Indoor volleyball systems are often found in high school gymnasiums, churches, YMCA’s, and in Universities across the USA.  BHO offers a wide range of institutional and competition indoor volleyball systems.  Indoor volleyball systems can be portable type systems, or for more stability, we offer professional style, inground systems with special sleeves that are installed into your floor.

We also offer The SkyMaster, by Gared Sports. This is a ceiling-suspended volleyball system that eliminates the need for hauling heavy volleyball uprights in and out of storage. This innovative design allows you to electrically raise and lower your entire system up and out of the way of other court activities in just minutes!

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