Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo

What comes to mind when someone mentions a Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo? Well years ago before I knew anything about basketball equipment, the first thought that came to mind was, something you hang on the backside of your bedroom door, or something to attach to a phone pole.

Many years later, I realized Backboard-Rim Combo’s come in pretty handy when you want to replace an existing Backboard-Rim on a Youth-Level, In-Ground or Portable Basketball System.  I also discovered if area space is an issue, you can purchase a Backboard-Rim Combo along with a Universal Mounting Kit, and attach this system to a roof top or exterior wall.

In today’s world Basketball Backboard-Rim Combo’s have become very popular and range from 44 inches to 54 inches and are made from a variety of materials to create durability and rebound performance. Each manufacturer makes their own version and is usually geared for the Low-End portable and In-Ground basketball systems.

Again, Backboard-Rim combo sets are a great option when on a budget, and are typically for home use. I think they are a great buy, and most manufacturers offer many styles, colors, and other options to meet your needs!

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