Selecting a Basketball Hoop for your Gym

Keep your gymnasium up to date with the very best equipment. Since basketball hoops are the focal point of many gyms, what are some of the tips you should be following in your quest for the best basketball hoop you can afford for your gymnasium?

What kind of basketball hoop is right for my gym?

Wall Mounted Basketball Goals

Gymnasium wall mounted basketball goals are a great choice for areas where space is limited, or where ceiling mounted or portable goals are not practical. A wall mounted basketball goal consists of the mounting framework, backboard and a rim. They can usually be mounted to a wall, as a Stationary Installation, or manufacturers sell Side-Fold, and Swing-Up systems. These types of systems are mounted with specially designed extension arms and brackets. Since they are being mounted directly to an existing wall, the new wall mount basketball goals do not take up additional space. You can also purchase a Height Adjuster kit for the backboard; this will allow you to adjust it vertically between 8 feet and 10 feet.

Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goals

Not all Basketball facilities are alike, so requirements are distinct and different, therefore each facilities ceiling mount basketball system must be custom built and designed to meet your needs. In order to get a quote, you need to locate building plans that include details on the construction of your facility.

Ceiling mounted basketball backstops aren’t for everyone, as your facility or gymnasium might not meet the required ceiling height to allow proper clearance for the mast to hang down from the ceiling in relationship to the playing surface on the floor. Also, budget can be an issue as well, as these units can start at $7,000.00 per bucket. The actual quote can take weeks to complete, and most facilities require a “Field Measurement” completed by a certified installer.

The most popular used ceiling mounted basketball goal is the Single Mast System.  Double mast backstops, however, are also used, and Gared Sports makes a wide selection available.  In many cases, the choice between single mast and double mast comes down to personal visual preference.

Portable Basketball Goals

When choosing your portable basketball hoop you need to consider the function and strength. You want something built to high standards that can withstand rough play. You also want something that is not going to be cumbersome to move. You want a portable system that is equipped with a caster wheel system that makes it easy to tote your system from storage to the playing area. Most portable basketball systems can be moved by one or two persons.

Most portable systems are adjustable for two main reasons; one popular reason is for players of all ages, and heights to play with the portable hoop. Another main reason is for storage purposes. With this feature, the system can be folded down, and collapsed into a compact position which is ideal for transporting. Remember, purchase a portable basketball hoops that is durable and one that is safe. There are many to choice from, but that is why we created this website, to help make your buying process a little easier.

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