Cities order basketball goals to be removed

Have you heard stories about homeowners complaining to city authorities about unattended basketball hoops being left in front of another neighbor’s house and the city gives up to 10 days to move it or face a fine?  While another neighbor said the city has cited the same code violation that prompted state officials to order the basketball hoop owner to remove their basketball hoop. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, and confusing.

I heard another story about a hoop owner living in an area where no other neighbors exist, and the hoop is directly next to a power utility station. The city reportedly had received six complaints about the hoop within a week. The hoop owner stated the basketball goal has never been a problem, nobody’s ever been injured,” they said. “This hoop has been in the same spot for over six years now without any problems until now.

From what I gather when a hoop is setup on the street, that’s public property, so the city has the final word on what can, and can’t be put on the streets. These types of violations are Complaint-Driven, so if your neighbor doesn’t like you, he or she can file a complaint with the city. Basically what the city codes states, anything that extends beyond your property line and into the street violates city code. The laws in most cities can remove a hoop without reimbursing the owner.

Some parents are left to wonder how life got to the point where a pickup game of hoops has transformed into an unkind suburban life, needing city authorities and regulators to be the bad guys.

In closing, a word or two of advice, be good to your neighbors, move and stow away your portable basketball hoop when you’re not using it, and donate to the poor.

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