Bigger Hoop vs. Smaller Hoop for your Home

When it comes down to it, when selecting a particular size basketball hoop, it comes down to economics, age of the player, your skill level, your shooting style, and available amount of space in your driveway.

Let’s discuss each category in more detail:

Economics: Obviously you can only buy what you can afford, so the $4,000.00 Goalrilla is off the table.

Age of the player: On average very young players are typically shorter in height, so a huge backboard is out, and the adjustable one is in.

Your skill level: Don’t waste your money on a beginner if a month later they turn in their basketball for a football. Start out small, then a year or two later, if they are still interested, grab that bigger board you always dreamt about.

You’re shooting style: Some skilled shooters like to use the backboard to bank their shots (Bank-Shots), so a 42” x 72” backboard won’t impress them.

Amount of space in your driveway: Sadly, if you live in tight quarters where playing surface is scarce, you might have to resort to a wall or roof mounted basketball goal.  To me it just doesn’t feel the same to throw a basketball at one’s house and hope it lands in the hoop, and not through a window.

In closing, have a game plan in place before you purchase a basketball system.

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