Soccer & Basketball, are they similar?

Is soccer and basketball similar? Well let’s break it down and find out. Obviously both sports use a ball and they try to drive the ball down into the opposition zone to score.  Yes, in one sport possession is maintained by kicking the ball on the ground from one teammate to another, while the other sport maintains ball control through the air by passing the ball from one teammate to another.

As you know the objective of both sports is to shoot the ball at the opponent’s goal in hopes of scoring. One sport has a designated goaltender, while the other sport has five.  During the game, both transitions from defense to offense, so you must be able to shoot, and block shots.

At this point things look very similar in both sports until we talk about scoring, and player movement.

Most NBA basketball teams average between 80 to 120 points per game.  Most FIFA soccer teams average 1 to 3 points per match. As far as player movement during a game, there is no comparison, basketball players are up and down the court, non-stop action and scoring.  Soccer has its moments, but it’s a slower moving sport, and plays are carefully drawn up and executed, and kicking the ball accurately, takes a lot of skill and practice.

Are these two sports similar, or not?

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