Yes, it’s time. Portable or Wall-Mounted System?

I drive by this house almost every day of the week for the past 3 years and this hoop hasn’t moved.  Ever since the backboard fell apart, the desire to play has been very limited to none.  I have a First team Invader portable goal and I would love to donate to them but I don’t think my son wouldn't appreciate losing is hoop.

So if you were going to replace this basketball system, would you take the cheap way out and replace it with a youth-style portable, pay some bigger bucks for a First Team RoofMaster, or WallMonster wall-mount basketball goal?

If you look closely at the garage in relationship to the height of the portable hoop, I don’t think you would have enough height on the garage to support a wall-mounted goal.  Even if you did, the backboard would be situated possibly above the roof, and I could see a lot of lost balls landing on the far side of the garage.

You know what I would do? I would focus all my time and energy on getting the garage updated first, by adding new overhead doors, also making sure the whole garage is structurally safe and secure, and then finalize it with a nice coat of paint.  Last but not least, I would re-surface the driveway, and add a court-marking kit.

After all the time and money is spent; again, do you replace this current one with a portable or wall-mounted basketball goal?

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