The Big Giants Don’t Know It

Have you ever visited one of the big national sporting goods chains online and view some of the popular grade basketball systems? The next thing you do is jump in the car and you head over to the local store to check out the basketball goals in person.  Come to find out, not only do they NOT have the hoop in stock, but they rarely know much about the product you’re inquiring about.

Now some people might just want to pick up the phone and call one of these Big Giant stores to get more information on a Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal.  After waiting and waiting, finally you get a salesperson on the phone, and once again it’s a big let-down, as they tell you this product isn’t an in-store item, so it will be shipped from the factory.

I have noticed over the past 6 or 7 years now, more and more brick and mortar mega stores are advertising online all types and styles of basketball goals.  The sad news is, when you try to gather information and do comparisons on similar products, most big chain stores don’t have it.  Maybe their motivation is to cram every conceivable sporting good product into one big warehouse type of store, and let the consumer figure it out.  Think about it, most super-mega sporting goods stores have thousands upon thousands of products to sell, so how well does one know about the different types of basketball hoops?

Now you can take the smarter approach to buying a hoop and visit a website that is an authorized dealer of selling Top Brand-Name basketball systems. Most of these companies are very knowledgeable on most popular hoops, including other major team sports products.  Typically hoop dealers have a good, working relationship with basketball manufacturers, and it’s similar to a partnership.

Most basketball hoop dealers, including myself treat their business as a full-time job, so that means keeping up to date with the latest products and trends.  Yes, we know our hoops, and most of the time if you call or email us, we can recommend the best hoop for your particular situation.  Keep in mind; several factors go into hoop selection, economics, age, skill level, shooting style, and available amount of space to play at your home or institution. 

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