100’s upon 100’s of Online Hoop Dealers

Have you ever done a Google keyword search for “Basketball Goal”? Last time I looked, there were over 275,000,000 results. Now if you look even closer at the result pages, there are hundreds of dealers selling the same basketball hoop products.  I think the basketball goal manufacturers like the free advertising, but it’s not so good for the online dealers.

Competition is great, but it can be confusing to the consumer.  As all the top dealers are fighting to be ranked first on Google’s result pages, sometimes the best deals are buried two or three pages deep in the results pages. When making a large purchase, make sure you compare the complete package.  What I mean is, does the $3,000.00 basketball system include free padding, free shipping, free lettering on the padding, and no sales taxes.

Just remember, if every online dealer is selling a First Team, Hurricane, portable basketball system, the product will be the same, no matter if it’s on the first Google ranked page, or the last one.  The only difference is price, and what accessories, and extras are included.

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I guess it's just like every popular business venture, when something looks good, everyone thinks they can make a quick dollar. Reality is, it takes thousands of dollars, and many man hours of blood, sweat, and tears to get a business up and running. Yes, the competition can put you out of business in a heartbeat. Walmart, Dick Sporting Goods, and many other big chain stores are responsible for putting the "Little Guy" and "Family Owned" businesses out of business.
By  Richard Skidmore on 07/18/2018

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