Bermuda Basketball Association

The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) today announced that the Bermuda Basketball Association (BBA) has received several pieces of new equipment thanks to funding provided through BOA’s partnership program with the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) that makes new equipment available to qualifying national sports federations free of charge.

The BBA has received two Bison T-Rex Portable Basketball Systems, which will be used for outdoor games, two Shoot-A-Way Shooter Basketball Training Systems to help prepare men’s, women’s and youth national teams for international competition, and 60 new FIBA Official basketballs (36 indoor and 24 indoor/outdoor). 

Mr. Tommy Johnson, Treasurer of the BBA, said “We would like to thank the BOA and PASO for their support and for the equipment that will enhance our athletes’ training capabilities. With the new equipment, we’ll also be able to give local youth a better introduction to basketball and prepare them better for local and international competition.”

Judy Simons, BOA President said, “The BOA is focused on helping our young athletes from all sports along on their journeys to success. As PASO’s representative in Bermuda, we’re pleased to have been able to help the BBA acquire new equipment to help with the development of our local basketball talent, and we know the equipment will go to very good use.”

Special thanks to Basketball Hoops Online, they were very professional, courteous, and patience in the transaction of the basketball equipment mentioned above. Their sales staff made the buying process go very smoothly, and they were there when we needed them.

Media Contacts Judy Simons President, BOA - 07/06/2018

Wow, we have been just all over the place since we got the guns from you. We have been to Canada, Suriname and now getting ready to go to Santa Domingo.  I would like to thank you for helping us get better in basketball by getting the guns all the way to Bermuda. This island has never had basketball equipment like this and our shooting percentage has jumped 50% since we started using them. Thanks a million and we will call you again for our basketball needs.

Rickey Watts - 11/28/2018 - Physical Education Teacher| Department of P.E. / Fam. Studies / Health

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